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What is the Australian Visa processing time or visa 190 under the state nomination program ?

Australia Visa 190 is a state/territory nomination visa.

Australia visa 190 Processing time depends on the following factors:

- Number of applications DIBP received under 190 visa

- Type of occupation/Job profile

- If or not applied through a genuine immigration consultant

Further, the processing time is divided into 3 stages of working:

Stage 1:

To get started with your 190 visa process, first you need to undertake a skill assessment test. Your skill assessment test allows DIBP to evaluate your acquired skills and work experience, etc.

The minimum time this stage takes is 3 months. However, nature of your Job profile is an essential factor here that can increase or decrease this processing time period.

Stage 2:

You enter stage two after getting a positive signal from your skill assessment test. During this time around, you need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).

An expression of interest is a type of deceleration that you are interested to migrate to Australia.

The standard processing time on revert of your EOI is 15 days. This time is variable depending on other factors such as nature of your occupation.

Stage 3:

After satisfying itself, DIBP will issue you an Invitation To Apply (ITA).

You are now required to apply for PR visa 190 within 60 days counting post recipient of ITA. An approval of your visa will take time from 15 days to 1 month. 

These are the general guidelines and procedure for Australia Visa Subclass 190. To get a detailed view in this regard, we suggest you to contact our panel of experts and avail a FREE first consultation over phone.

You can also fill our FREE Assessment Form. 

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