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What is Australia Partner Visa? Who is Eligible For Australia Partner Category Visa ?

Australia partner visa allows you to stay in Australia as a permanent residence (subclass 100) if you have a spouse or a de facto partner who is an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen. The only key requirement for this subclass is, you should have a genuine and long lasting relationship which should continue in future as well. Also, the other important thing in this visa subclass is that this relationship should not be forged and should continue with the will of both the partners.

The Australia government before granting this visa will first grant a temporary partner provisional subclass 309 which allows you and your partner to stay till the time your permanent residence visa is not completely processed.

The partner visa provides following benefits such as:

  • You can stay in Australia for indefinite period of time
  • You are allowed to study and work anywhere in Australia
  • After completing certain requirements, you can apply for Australian citizenship
  • You may sponsor an eligible relative for a permanent residency
  • You get the privilege of receiving social security payments in Australia
  • You can travel to and from Australia multiple times for 5 years.


You are eligible for the Australia partner category visa if you fulfill the following conditions:

  • You are or have a spouse or a de facto partner having Australian permanent residence, citizenship of Australia or a New Zealand citizen
  • You must be outside Australia while applying for the partner visa
  • Show genuine interest of living with the spouse/de facto partner
  • Meets the health and character requirements
  • Meets with the relationship criteria and other requirement

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