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What are the minimum points required for Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 ?

Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass189 is a point based visa which allots you points on the basis of-

  • Your current age 
  • Years of work experience 
  • Level of qualification 
  • Proficiency in English language

Based on these factors, you must score minimum of 60 points out of 100. 

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To mark a perfect score, our team of experts suggest you to follow these key tips:

  • Age plays a vital role in your total immigration score. The age bracket which renders maximum score for this factor is 24-32 years. If you are currently lying in this age bracket, then you should start your process without any further delay. Even if you have already surpassed the age bracket limit, you can apply now to score a decent score, if not maximum. 
  • The minimum work experience you must be having for Australia immigration is 3 years. To score maximum in this factor, a minimum of 7 years of work history in connection with your job profile (which is in demand in Australia) must be there. If you are lacking in this factor, you can always gain and recompense in your IELTS (see below). 
  • Education is one necessary parameter to make your Australia immigration viable. To gain maximum in this factor, you should be having a degree from an Australian Institution. Any other level of education from India or any other nation, be it bachelors or masters allots you similar points.  
  • English Proficiency is required for immigrating to Australia as English is the official language there. Hence, the Government of Australia made it mandatory for you to be efficient in the language in terms of-   
  1.  Reading

  2.  Writing

  3.  Speaking

  4.  Listening 

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing Standards. The test is divided into 4 modules (mentioned above) and you must score 7 bands in each module in order to be eligible for Australia PR process. 

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These are the general guidelines and procedure for Australia Visa Subclass 189. To get a detailed view in this regard, we suggest you to contact our panel of experts and avail a FREE first consultation over phone. 

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