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What are the Benefits of Permanent Residency in Australia ?

Australia is the dream city to live and work which provides a high quality of life, better standard of living, peaceful living environment, etc.

Australia government provides multiple pathways to apply for permanent residency in Australia. Once, you are granted with the permanent residency of Australia you are bound to get some benefits which a citizen of Australia receives.

Below are some key benefits of permanent residency in Australia:

  • Permanent residency status:

You receive a permanent residence status which allows you and your eligible family members to live, work, and study in Australia on a permanent basis.

  • Apply for Citizenship:

If you are living in Australia for at least four years as a permanent resident, you can apply for the citizenship of Australia.

  • Career Opportunities:

You will get ample career opportunities to choose provided you are highly skilled and qualified and your job is in high demand in kangaroo nation.

  • Healthcare:

The permanent residence holders are given the healthcare facilities like Medicare where free medical facilities are given.

  • Sponsor eligible relatives to Australia:

After meeting certain requirements as a permanent residence, you can also sponsor your eligible family members or relatives to come to Australia for stay and work purposes.

  • Right to travel to New Zealand:

If you are a permanent residence holder, you have an exclusive right to travel to New Zealand. Additionally, you can also apply for the New Zealand PR.

  • Default citizenship given to the kids born in Australia:

As a permanent residence holder, if your child is born in Australia, he/she will be automatically regarded as citizen of Australia.

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