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If I Do Not Marry my Fiance After Prospective Marriage Visa Grant Then What Will Happen ?

The main criteria after getting the Prospective Marriage Visa is that you must get married within 9 months. This visa cannot be extended and the holder of this visa will become unlawful in Australia after the 9 month period. However, you may be eligible for another type of visa depending upon individual circumstances.

If you do not marry your fiancé for whatsoever reason, you will need to apply for another visa in order to stay in Australia. There are no special provisions provided by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to allow you to remain in Australia once the relationship has ended even if family violence has occurred

Therefore, to get a permanent residency in Australia, it is advisable to start with the first step that is marry your prospective fiancé and apply for other permanent partner visas.

The Prospective Marriage visa process is very complex as it has number of rules and regulations to be implemented. You may require the support of experienced immigration consultant because any miss-happening in the application form can omit your chances to immigrate to Australia.

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