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I'm an Indian. What is the Time Taken to Get an Australia PR ?

There is no fixed time to get an Australian PR. The PR Processing time depends upon different factors like your occupation skill is in demand, positive skill assessment, qualification, number of application forms received, and many other factors. Additionally, accurate submission of documents also matters otherwise it can lead to resubmission of the application form.

The time taken for skilled visas for processing of 75 percent of applications is 7 months and time taken for skilled visas for processing of 90 percent of applications is 9 months.

Whereas, some visa categories like visa subclass 489 can take up to 12 months for visa processing.

Hence, it is advisable to consult immigration consultants who can guide you in the right direction by checking your profile whether you are eligible to apply for PR or not. The consultancy is well updated about the rules and regulations of DIBP. Hence, they have all the relevant answers.

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