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How To Avoid Pitfalls In Subclass 890 Business Owner Visa ?

Business Owner Visa is for those business owners who are having their business setups running in Australia and now they are willing to take up the residency of the country to permanently migrate and look after their business operations.

With this visa, you can live, work and operate in Australia for an indefinite time period.

The validity for this visa is 5 years, after which you can get revival of your Permanent Resident status. During the tenure of 5 years, you can avail social security payments & benefits by the Australian government, like any other Permanent Resident can do.

One of the biggest pitfalls in Business Owner Visa is requirement of Annual Turnover of the business for which you have granted the visa.

The owner need to take care to maintain the required turnover, no matter what, till the expiry of this visa.

Since, running a business is not less than a gamble, you cannot avoid unforeseen events or situations that may drain the financial turnovers. The changing market situations (from boom to depression) is highly unpredictable and therefore, the owner’s visa is at risk. 

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