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Can I apply for 190 visas with 55 points ?

No, you cannot apply for visa 190 with 55 points.

As per the latest immigration rules, an applicant must score at least 65 points to be eligible to apply for Australian permanent residency. The points are calculated for age, educational qualification, work experience, relevant skills, language proficiency and other factors.

From July 1, 2018, The Australian government has increased the immigration pass points from 60 to 65. Therefore, no applicant would be allowed to apply for Australia PR with 55 points.

Australia Skilled Nominated Visa 190

The visa allows you to migrate to Australia and live in that particular state/territory for a period of 2 years. After completion of this tenure, you can move anywhere in Australia.

Although, this condition is not a mandate but it reflects your ‘ethical duty’ towards that state which has nominated you.

Although, if you have 60 points and are falling short with 5 points, you can still apply for visa 190 as you can get additional 5 points of state nomination that constitutes your eligibility score of 65 points.

This means that upon receiving a nomination from a state or territory in Australia, 5 points will be added to your immigration score.

To claim 5 points of state/territory nomination, we suggest you to follow the below mentioned step-wise procedure:

- As per state’s Migration plan, each state/territory maintains a list of occupations which are facing labour shortages in the market. Make sure that your Job profile is listed there.

- After confirming presence of your Job profile, submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to DIBP.

An expression of interest is a type of deceleration that you are interested to migrate to Australia.

In your EOI, you need to mention that state/territory you are seeking nomination from.

- If found fit, you may get an Invitation To Apply (ITA). Additional 5 points will be added to your present immigration score.

- Your approval on state you have showed your formal interest in, by submitting EOI, is subject to:

a) Occupation demand of your Job profile in that state/territory

b) Occupation ceiling of your Job profile in that state/territory

After receiving your ITA, you must apply for Australia Permanent Residency Visa within 60 days.

These are the general guidelines and procedure for Australia Visa Subclass 190. To get a detailed view in this regard, we suggest you to contact our panel of experts and avail a FREE first consultation over phone.


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