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Is it hard to invite all my family to visit me in Australia on a visitor visa? Some solicitors are saying to invite one at a time, not all of them ?

No, it is not hard to invite all your family to visit you in Australia on a visitor visa. You can invite them through Sponsored Family Stream.

Sponsored Family Stream allows a stay of three months which can extend up to 12 months in certain circumstances. This visa generally allows a single entry in Australia.



As a Sponsor,

  • Must be aged 18 years or above
  • You must be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen.
  • Must be residing in Australia for more than 2 years.
  • Be a family member of the applicant i.e. spouse/de facto, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, nephew/niece or equivalent relationship

As a visa applicant,

  • Be sponsored by an eligible relative
  • Genuinely intend to visit family in Australia
  • Have sufficient funds to cover your costs in Australia.
  • Meet the relevant health and character certificates.

Also, the sponsor has to make sure that the family visiting is solely coming on travel/leisure purpose and have no intention to settle in the country and will leave the country after the fixed time period.


Your sponsor may to have pay a security bond (usually between $5000 and $15000 which will be refunded only after you comply with the visa conditions and leave Australia before your visa expires.

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