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Australia Family Visa

If you have decided to migrate to Australia with family or you want to join your family in Australia, you must apply for the right type of visa. Each visa type has specific requirements, obligations and conditions. All family visas come under family stream.

Australia Family Visa permits holder of Australia PR, Australian citizens and New Zealand citizens to bring together other family members living outside Australia. Australian Family visa enables visa options for parents, spouse/partners/de facto partners, children, and other family members.

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Dear Aptech Global Team,

I am short of words to explain how happy I am to get my family visa through Aptech Global. Australia always has been my dream but due to my low immigration scores, I had to face the harsh reality of rejections again and again. After I visited Aptech, my life just changed!! They suggested me this subclass and applied for it immediately. Within just few months, I got my PR and soon I will be flying to my dream country Australia! Thank you Aptech Global!!

-Supriya dahiya, Delhi


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