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Australia 190 Visa Rejection Reasons

The bags are packed, everything is set and now you are just waiting for visa to get approved. However, you hear the most shocking news about your visa getting rejected. Now, what will you do? The dejection has made you sad, depressed and you are thinking of the possible reasons behind your visa rejection.

No matter how much hard work you have put in filing your visa application and collecting all the requisite documents, all go wait if one hear about their visa being rejected or denied. This is a very common case where the applicant visas are being rejected because of the lack of vigilance and submission required documents to the Department of Home Affairs. There are many heart-broken visa applicants who had gone through the rigidities of planning and submitting the documents, only to end up with a rejection.

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Applicants who apply for Skilled Nominated Visa 190 to Australia may have their applications refused or denied due to a number of reasons. However, the most common reasons for rejection or denial of your visa are:

  • Incorrect Information
    No applicant will provide false information intentionally, but if the department finds some discrepancy in the information provided then in such a case they may charge the applicant with a visa fraud. This may lead to either a 5 year temporary ban, or a permanent ban which prohibits the applicant to enter in Australia.
  • Incomplete Information
    This is the most common reason for visa denial. Many a times, it has been seen that the applicant unknowingly provide insufficient information in their application, which ultimately leads to a direct refusal or denial. A transcript which you may think is not important to submit may be a very important document for the Australia immigration department and thus, this can be the reason of your visa being rejected. Therefore, you must have attached proof of any claim which you make in your visa application.
  • Unable to meet Health Requirements
    Meeting Health requirement is the prime non-negotiable condition which has to be met in order to get visa granted. The Department of Home Affairs is very strict with respect to health requirements. They generally ask applicants to get tested for HIV/AIDS, TB or Hepatitis before issuing a visa.
  • Unable to meet Character Requirements
    Just like meeting the health requirement is a mandatory factor, character requirement is also a non-negotiable condition. Any applicant who is involved in crime may be subjected to visa cancellation. Therefore, you must make sure to follows Australian government laws and policies. Always insure to get a positive Police Clearance certificate before applying for Australian visa.
  • Inability to support financial proof
    It is one of the common reasons for visa getting denied. Australia government strongly focuses on the fact that the applicants coming to Australia must have strong economic ties in their home country. Therefore, providing financial documents to support your financial status is vital. In visa 190, many a time applicants are not sure whether a particular province will ask for a financial document proof or not. Thus, they fail to provide sufficient proof which leads to their visa getting cancelled.
  • Not able to score relevant English language proficiency score
    Australia is very strict in terms of language proficiency because it an English speaking continent. The inability to score a desired English language score may also lead to the cancellation of your 190 visa. Know Australia immigration language requirement
  • Lack of professional help
    Sometimes, we have all the knowledge about how to apply for a particular visa, say 190 but we are so pre-occupied in other things that we fail to see tiniest mistake which leads to our visa getting cancelled or rejected. Therefore, to avoid any big or small mistake, it is better to hand over the case to the experts who are in this industry since long. The visa experts will be able to guide you in a much efficient and effective way. They safeguard’s the consumer interest and see to it that nothing goes wrong.

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