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Australia Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) Visa Point Calculator

Australia Subclass Visa 190 Point System

Subclass 190 is point based visa which works on Australia Point System that is highly systematic and well planned process that is used to migrate the potential applicants.

The 190 visa allows an applicant to live and work in Australia for indefinite period of time. An applicant must be nominated by the state/territory of Australia to apply for Australia PR. You must have an occupation listed on either Medium and long Term Strategic Skill List (MLTSSL) or Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)

Calculate my Australian Immigration Points Score!!

The applicants are selected on the basis of their points scored in Australia Point Test which is calculated for your age, educational qualification, work experience, skills, language abilities and other factors. You must score a minimum of 65 points on the point’s assessment grid to be able to apply for Australia Permanent Residency.

Please note: The minimum points doesn’t give you the guarantee of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the Australian government. However, it gives you an authorization to apply for Australia Permanent Residency under subclass 190 visa.

What is the procedure of calculating the immigration points using 190 Australia point calculator?

The process is easy and simple, in order to apply for Australia PR, you must score a minimum of 65 points on the Australia Point Calculator.
Every profile under Australia Point System reflects the points that are awarded against each profile factor:

Profile Factor Maximum Points
Age 30 Points
Educational Qualification 20 Points
English Language Ability 20 Points
Work Experience 20 Points
Australian Study (if any) 05 Points
State/Territory Nomination 05 Points

Below mentioned is the detailed Australia 190 point calculator for your kind reference. See for it yourself and calculate your Australia Immigration points which will let you know whether you are eligible to apply or not.

Age Points
18 to 24 25 Points
25 t0 32 30 Points
33 t0 39 25 Points
40 to 44 15 Points
45 to 49 0 Points

English (IELTS /OET)

Language Points Awarded
Competent English IELTS 6 / OET C 0 Points
Proficient English IELTS 7 / OET B10 Point
Superior English IELTS 8 / OET A 20 Points

Work Experience (Overseas)

Work Experience Points
At least three but less than five years (of past 10 years) 5 Points
At least five but less than eight years (of past 10 years) 10 Points
At least eight and up to 10 years (of past 10 years) 15 Points

Work Experience (Australian)

Work Experience Points Awarded
At least one but less than three years (of past 10 years) 5 Points
At least three but less than five years (of past 10 years) 10 Points
At least five but less than eight years (of past 10 years) 15 Points
At least eight and up to 10 years (of past 10 years) 20 Points

Educational Qualification

Educational Qualification Points
Doctorate from an Australian educational institution or other recognised standard 20 Points
At least a Bachelor degree, including a Bachelor degree with Honours or Masters, from an Australian recognised Standards 15 Points
Diploma completed in Australia, trade qualification completed in Australia,or qualification or award of recognised standard 10 Points

Australian study qualifications

Study Qualification Points
Diplomas or trade qualifications awarded by an Australian educational institution and meet Australian Study Requirement 5 Points

Other Factor

Other Factor Points
Credentialed community language qualifications 5 Points
Study in regional Australia or metropolitan area (excluding distance education) 5 Points
Partner skill qualifications 5 Points
Professional Year completion, for a period of at least 12 months in the four year 5 Points
Nomination/Sponsorship Points
State or Territory government (visa subclass 190 only) 5 Points
What if, I am unable to score minimum of 65 points, can I still apply?

The minimum points of 65 gives you the right to apply for the Australia PR. if you are not able to score, it is better not to apply till the time you have score decent points which makes you eligible to apply for visa 190.

How can I improve my immigration points?

There are various ways of improving your Australia immigration points. You can either give Australia Skilled Immigration Language Test again or gain good work experience or claim points for your spouse etc.

How can Aptech Global help you in Applying for Australia 190 Visa?

The visa experts here at Aptech Global are well trained and up to date with all the latest immigration updates for Australia 190 visa. You may contact the experts for faster and positive results. The assistance provided by them will surely benefit your application. Therefore, consult with one of our experts before applying for 190 visa.

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