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Western Australia conducts State Nomination Draw on 16th December, 2022.

How does one Apply for Australia Permanent Residence through State Nomination?

To apply for a State Nominated Skilled Visa, one must have a State or Territory nomination. The most crucial condition for applicants who want to be nominated in Western Australia is that their occupation must be on a relevant Australia Skilled Occupation List and that they must meet the eligibility requirements for applicable visas and state nominations.

Most Popular Subclasses of State Nomination Visas in Australia

Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

A skilled worker may enter Australia permanently under this point-tested category of a permanent visa. With this visa, you can apply for Australian citizenship, enroll in Australia's public health care program, sponsor qualified family members for Australian permanent residency, travel to and from Australia for up to five years, and live and work there permanently (if eligible).

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 491

This temporary visa subclass is perfect for professionals who have been recommended by a state or territory government body. You are allowed to reside, work, and study in regional Australia for a maximum of five years with this visa.

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When the Australia Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa subclass 191 becomes available on November 16, 2022, and you have held visa subclass 491 for three years, you may apply for Australian permanent residency.

How can one immigrate to Australia on a state nomination?

Program for Nomination of Skilled Workers in Western Australia

To be eligible, your profession must be listed on the relevant WA Skilled Occupations list, which is provided by Western Australia for visa subclasses 190 and 491.

If you are nominated or if your visa is approved, you must:

  1. if you are traveling to Western Australia (WA), adhere to the border regulations in effect at the time;
  2. Registrate your arrival with WA Migration Services;
  3. reside and work in WA for two years after arrival;
  4. have access to adequate cash (for at least three months) to cover settlement costs and living costs;
  5. submit a settlement survey every six months for this two-year period.

A positive skills assessment and State nomination do not ensure you will meet the licensing or registration requirements of the relevant licensing or registration authority for jobs for which licensure or registration is required before being allowed to work in Western Australia. It is advisable for anyone thinking about submitting an application for Western Australian nomination to confirm their eligibility with the relevant licensing or registration authorities.

Application procedures for Australia's State Nomination Visa

1. To express your interest in applying for a visa, you must first submit an EOI (expression of interest) via SkillSelect.

2. The following step is to compile the necessary supporting documentation, which should include:

  1. Identity documents,
  2. Relationship documents,
  3. Character documents,
  4. Partner documents,
  5. Results of the English language test, and
  6. Proof of educational credentials.
  7. Providing translation for non-English documents;
  8. Skills Assessment Proof;
  9. A medical Certificate is given by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

3. You have 60 days from the date you receive an invitation to apply for a visa to apply for it online, whether you are inside or outside of Australia.

4. Wait until the DHA sends you a written decision regarding your visa application after it has been processed.

5. After receiving your visa decision, you are given your visa grant number, any applicable visa conditions, and the precise day that your visa will begin to be valid.

Find below the latest updates on Australia Draw

State Nomination Migration Program current Australia open draw 2022 updates as of 16th December 2022

Australia 190 draw

Skilled Nomination Visa subclass 190 shared invites for the following Streams:

SNMP General Stream – WASMOL Schedule 1 inviting 194 applicants

SNMP General Stream – WASMOL Schedule 2 inviting 1053 applicants

SNMP Graduate Stream – Higher education graduates inviting 814 applicants

SNMP Graduate Stream - Vocational Education and Training Graduates inviting 304 applicants

Australia 491 draw

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 491 shared invites for the following stream

SNMP General Stream – WASMOL Schedule 1 inviting 194 applicants

SNMP General Stream – WASMOL Schedule 2 inviting 1915 applicants

SNMP Graduate Stream – Higher education graduates inviting 269 applicants

SNMP Graduate Stream - Vocational Education and Training Graduates inviting 263 applicants

Profiles of the most recent expressions of interest received

This does not account for any applied occupation or visa subclass caps.

Migration Services does not respond to certain EOIs.

  State of Residence Qualification Level EOI Points Submission Date

SNMP General Stream – WASMOL Schedule 1


Not Applicable



SNMP General Stream – WASMOL Schedule 2

Western Australia

Not Applicable



SNMP Graduate Stream – higher education graduates


Bachelor Degree



SNMP Graduate Stream  - Vocational Education and Training Graduates


AQF Certificate IV



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