• Sat, Dec 17 2022
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New South Wales relaxes visa requirements for permanent residents

New South Wales announced changes to the visa rules for those applying for skilled nominated visas (Subclass) 190 as well as the elimination of the minimum points requirements and work experience requirements in its announcement for its skilled migration program for 2022–2023.

After receiving slightly more than 12,000 applications for its skilled migration program for 2022–2023, the NSW government published their skill lists.

It also disclosed that both Subclass 190 and Subclass 491 visas would now have minimum point criteria and years of work experience.

However, these conditions have reportedly been dropped for the Subclass visa 190, according to a recent official update.

Due to the increase in availability of the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) by the Department of Home Affairs, previously published points scores and work experience guides for Skilled Nominated visas (subclass 190) have been removed, according to a statement on the state's website.

It also mentions that an invitation process based on selection is utilized to make sure that NSW nominees are in line with the skills requirements of the state's economy.

"This visa has extremely high competition for nomination. Do not wait to apply for a NSW nomination; instead, look into all other migration options available on the website "It read.

Prospective skilled migrants have a variety of immigration choices, including NSW nomination for the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190).

The state claims that there are no predetermined dates and that rounds are not advertised in advance, despite the fact that invitation rounds continue throughout the fiscal year.

According to the statement, "we cannot guarantee that SkillSelect EOIs will be invited to apply for nominations or suggest when invitation rounds will be held.

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According to the NSW government, invitations for NSW nominations are based on factors such as point totals, English proficiency, and years of professional experience. The NSW Government has the sole discretion to decide which applicants will be invited to apply for NSW nomination.

There are still minimum point scores and skilled experience requirements for the Subclass 491 visa.

It is still necessary to meet the minimum point requirements and the skilled experience requirements for those applying directly under Pathway 1 Stream B for the Subclass 491; however, the experience requirement is waived for those who meet the "Study in Regional NSW" mandate, according to a NSW government representative.

Migration experts have applauded the abolition of the Subclass 190 visa's employment requirement and point system.

Suman Dua, a migration agent, called the most recent shift "huge" and "excellent news."

Some applicants found it difficult to meet the requirements and submit an application for residency because of the state's high point scoring system and employment requirement, she noted.

After the federal government issued numerous invites to applicants for Subclass 189, according to Ms. Dua, NSW quickly lifted the stipulation.

As a result of the Subclass 189 invitation, which is an independent visa without conditions and is issued by the federal government, many skilled workers who were waiting for state-nominated visas have now taken advantage, she said, adding that many of her clients were surprised when they received their invitation.

In the most recent batch of invitations made by the federal government, Kirthi Chetty, 30, is one of the fortunate individuals who received a Subclass 189 invitation.

My Subclass Visa 190 application was becoming increasingly difficult to fill out since I had to provide more work experience. With the latest NSW visa reform and the removal of this requirement, so many applicants would experience relief "Both Subclass 189 and 190 visas had been applied for, according to Ms. Chetty.


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