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Final nomination allocation for the Skilled and Business Migration Program for 2022– 2023

The Department of Home Affairs of the Australian Government has verified South Australia's final nomination allotment levels for 2022–2023 Australia Immigration.

Final allocation for South Australia is as follows:

Visa Allocated Places

General Skilled Migration Program

 (Visa subclass 190 and 491)

Eight Thousand

Business Innovation and Investment Program (visa subclass 188)


General Skilled Migration Program

In all streams, including offshore ones, this program for immigration to Australia will continue to nominate candidates for General Skilled Migration (GSM).

South Australia is a fascinating destination when you are looking for settling as a permanent resident of Australia to live and work, providing you with wonderful prospects to advance your career and take advantage of a lifestyle that has more to offer. The state may nominate you if you are a skilled immigrant.

What is State Nomination?

State nomination provides South Australia with the opportunity to propose highly qualified migrants in order to fill the skills gap.

State nomination for skilled migrants may help you qualify for an Australia skilled migration visa from the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs by giving you extra points for your Australia visa application.

For state nomination, there are two alternatives for skilled immigration visas:

Skilled Nominated (Permanent) visa (Subclass 190) - You can live and work in South Australia with this state-nominated permanent visa for skilled immigrants.

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 491) – This is a state-sponsored temporary visa for skilled immigrants that entitles you to up to five years of residence and employment in South Australia and may open the door to Australia permanent residency.

Check that your profession is on the State Skilled Occupation List, that the Department of Home Affairs Australia visa requirements have been met, and that you are qualified for each of South Australia's nomination streams before submitting an application for state nomination.

Visas are not always granted based on state nominations. In addition, the Department of Home Affairs must evaluate your application based on several visa-specific criteria. Only when all conditions have been met will a visa be issued.

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Skills immigrants wanting to work and reside in South Australia can apply for a variety of nomination streams. To determine your eligibility for state nomination, carefully review each stream before applying.

1. South Australian Graduates

A state nomination as a skilled migrant wanting to immigrate to Australia may become available to you more quickly than other applicants if you are an international graduate who studied in South Australia. Some exemptions or breaks may also be available to High Performing Graduates in this stream.

2. Working in South Australia

It is possible to qualify for state nomination through this method if you are a skilled immigrant working in your specified occupation in South Australia. Candidates could include people with temporary visas, graduates from other countries, people applying as independent contractors, and so forth.

3. Outer Regional South Australia

You may qualify for some work experience benefits under this stream if you are a skilled immigrant who significantly supports local communities and companies in rural South Australia. Working vacationers may apply through this option as well.

4. Long Term Residents

You may qualify for state nomination through this stream if you have lived in South Australia for a long time, you don't meet the requirements for the other nomination streams, and you aren't actively employed in the profession you listed. In this track, holders of Safe Haven Enterprise visas are also eligible to apply.

5. Highly skilled and Talented

If you are a highly talented immigrant who can bring your expertise to South Australia and/or assist innovation, you can express interest in state nomination through this channel. Candidates could be highly qualified immigrants from South Australia, other Australian states and territories, or from outside.

6. Offshore

You may be chosen by South Australia and given the opportunity to apply for state nomination if you are a skilled immigrant who is currently residing abroad and looking forward for Australia Immigration who submitted an Expression of Interest through the Commonwealth Government's Skill Select system.

Business Innovation and Investment Program

The following steps have been taken to manage the final allocation of only 70 nomination spots:

Business Innovation stream (188A): The Intention to Apply (ITA) period will be available until January 31, 2023, after which it will close for the rest of the 2022–2023 program year. Very few 188A applicants who have submitted an ITA will be given the opportunity to apply for state nomination in March 2023.

Investor stream (188B): No more applications will be accepted for the duration of the program year.

Significant Investor stream (188C): For the duration of the program year, fresh applications are not accepted

Entrepreneur stream (188E):  There are a remarkably small number of openings. To be considered for the 188E stream, applicants must first get in touch with a Service Provider to learn about their eligibility and availability.

The nomination places have no bearing on the 888 state nomination applications for subclasses or the 132 review applications, which will remain open until 26 June 2023.

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