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EOIs Submitted Amidst 1-7 February, 2021 Be Assessed Under The BSMQ State Nomination Program

The EOIs (Expression of Interest) submitted amidst 1-7th February, 2021 will continue to be assessed by the state of Queensland under the BSMQ state nomination program. However, there are a certain criteria that the potential immigrants need to take care of if they have submitted their EOI amidst 1st to 7th February, 2021.

Skilled work regional (provisional) visa subclass 491 (with 65 points or above)

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Keep in mind that only onshore applicants who are working in the state of Queensland will be considered. The visa subclass 491 is open for the candidates whose occupation is listed in the COVID critical skills or sectors as outlined by the Australia’s Department of Home Affairs (DHA). The occupations are:

  1. Air Ambulance, Medical Technology, Critical Medical
  2. Large Scale Manufacturing
  3. Mining, Financial Technology and Emerging technology
  4. Agricultural Technology, Maritime Industry and Food Technology
  5. Telecommunications, Film and Television Production
  6. Supply Chain, Critical Infrastructure and Engineering

Note to Remember* Well, there is no specific skills list, however, the candidates are required to meet one of the critical sectors mentioned-above, and must include details of the employer and role and list the chosen position that will assist in the COVID recovery.

Also, you must be working in the occupation for a minimum of 3 months in a regional location in the state of Queensland and must possess a valid job offer for at least 12 months from an employer of Queensland. Also, make sure that the job offer must be in a nominated occupation.

The Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 (80 Points and above as Priority)

The subclass 190 is open to applicants whose occupation is listed in the Priority skilled migration occupation list (PSMOL). The applicants with 80 points or more will be prioritized. Also, having 6 months of work experience in the nominated occupation is mandatory with an additional job offer for a period of 12 months from an employer in Queensland.

For the applicants who have submitted their EOI under the 190 visa are not required to send an email to their EOI.

Note to Remember* Alumni (Queensland Masters and PhD graduates) must meet the requirements for Queensland as mentioned-above.

491 – SB0 Pathway (Small Business Owner)

The 491-SBO pathway is open from December 18, 2020.

Important Note to Remember* If you want your EOI to be picked up, then you need to submit a 491 – SBO assessment prior to submitting an expression of interest (EOI).

Business Program

The BSMQ business program is OPEN!

The priority processing will be for the following visa subclasses such as:

  1. 188 – Entrepreneur Stream
  2. 188 – Significant Investor Stream
  3. 132 – Significant Business History Stream
  4. 188 – Innovation Stream

The BSMQ will prioritize businesses which create more employment opportunities, or support the COVID recovery industries or located in a regional area and help in bringing the Australian economy back on its track! The Queensland State Nomination Program is now closed and the next skill opening will commence from April! Good Luck!


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