Australia Child Visa (101/802)

A Child Visa allows the children of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen to live with them in Australia. This visa has two subclasses.

  • Child visa Subclass 101:
    Through this subclass visa, a child living outside Australia can live with his/her parents in Australia. To be eligible for this visa, a child must be under 18 and born outside Australia.
  • Child visa Subclass 802:
    If a child (or children) is living with parents who are Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens, they can live with them in Australia. To apply for this visa subclass, a child must be in Australia.

Benefits of Australia Child Visa Subclass 101:

  • Provides you with the right to live in Australia indefinitely.
  • Applicant can work in Australia during your stay.
  • Applicant can enrol in Medicare, health care.
  • Allows you to apply for citizenship if you meet specific requirements.
  • Allows you to move to and from for five years starting from the day visa is granted.
  • You can sponsor your relatives for Australia PR.

Australia Child Visa Requirements

To be eligible for an Australian Child visa, you and your sponsor need to meet the following requirements.

The child needs to meet the below requirements to become an applicant

  • Be dependent on their parent:
    It would be best if you had parents in Australia either based on PR or Citizenship. And they must be eligible to sponsor you, and as a child, must be dependent on them.
  • Be this age:
    You must be either: under 18 years old, or over 18 years, and if your age more than 18 years but less than 25 years and studying full time and financially dependent on your parents, or over eighteen years with a disability.
  • Have no partner:
    If you have been married or current having a partner, then you will not be the eligible child to apply under an Australian child visa.
  • Meet the health requirement:
    Health requirements are a mandatory part of an Australian child visa. The child and sponsor both must meet health criteria before applying.
  • Meet the Character requirement:
    As a child, if your age is 16 years or over, you must meet the character requirements decided by DHA Australia.
  • Sign the Australian values statement:
    You must sign the Australia value statement and follow, obey Australian laws and respect the Australian way of life.
  • Have consent to migrate to Australia:
    DHA will only approve your Australian child visa if you get:
    1. Written consent of everyone who can legally decide where they live Or
    2. Your home country law permit to live in Australia
  • Have a sponsor:
    The child must have parents based on PR or Australian citizenship, and they must be eligible to sponsor you and ready to pay all the expenses up to 10 years or the age 18 years.

How to apply for an Australian child visa?

To apply for an Australian child visa, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Step 1 Check your eligibility :
    The first step towards applying for an Australian child visa is to check eligibility whether you are meeting eligibility criteria in terms of Age criteria, Health, character, income, support of the fund etc.
    If you feel you are completing the eligibility criteria requirements of an Australian child visa, please follow the second step.

  • Step 2 Gather require Documents:
    Once you are sure you both (The child & sponsor) are meeting the eligibility criteria's of Australia Child visa, then now you need to provide all supporting documents as per the Australia child visa documents checklist,
    Please note all the documents must be in English and predefined, as per the Australia child visa documents checklist.
    To know more about the Australia child visa documents checklist, click here.

  • Step 3 Apply for an Australian Child visa:
    Once you are handy with all supporting documents and relevant Australian child visa application forms, now you can apply for your Australian Child visa with the correct visa fee;
    Paying an incorrect payment or submitting an incomplete set of documents not only delay your application but may also lead to rejection of your Australian child visa application.

  • Step 4 Visa out come:
    Post submission of your application, DHA Australia will assess your application as per requirements, and if your application found complete and correct, DHA Australia starts considering your application for assessment.
    If your evaluation is positive, then you need to provide the following detail:
    1. Medication certification from panel Physician
    2. Police clearance certificate
    3. Biometrics

Once decision made will be conveyed to the applicant and DHA will keep a copy of it, the applicant must need to enter Australia within the given date.

Australia child visa documents checklist

To support your Application, Provide the following documents to support your Australian child visa application.

  • Identity documents:
    You need to provide your identity proof such as a DOB certificate, name change certificate (if applicable) any other national Identity proof to prove your identity.
  • Financial documents:
    It is the sponsor's sole responsibility to provide sufficient evidence to prove how you support the basic needs (shelter, food, clothing and other daily needs) of your child. If you fail to provide sufficient evidence, you will be considered ineligible.
  • Character documents:
    Children age 16 years or older need to submit police certificates from the country they have spent 12 months or more in the last ten years, since turning 16.
  • Photograph:
    You also need to submit good quality colour and recent photographs in size (45mm x 35mm).
  • Travel Documents:
    The applicant also needs to provide a passport and must be valid. Please note visa cannot be issued more than the passport validity.
  • Health documents:
    To apply for an Australian child visa, the applicant must undergo a medication examination and provide a health examination certificate if any severe disease that causes a threat to the Australian public will not be allowed to enter Australia.
  • Child's relationship to the parent:
    Relationship evidence plays a crucial role in your visa application's approval, so keep handy the following documents to prove your relationship.
    1. Date of Birth Certificate
    2. Adoption certificate
    3. Family free
  • Application form:
    Also need to supply applicable application form to apply Australia child visa application.
    1. Form 47CH Application for migration to Australia by a child (541KB PDF) Form
    2. 40CH Sponsorship for a child to migrate to Australia (555KB PDF)

Please note – All documents must be in English, certified, and in acceptable formats; Department of Home Affairs Australia keep reserve right to ask for any additional documents, Depending on the child's situation.

Australian child visa processing Time

  1. Application form filled accurately
  2. Supplied all-sufficient documents as per requirements
  3. Number of application received by DHA s
  4. How soon you & sponsor credential get verify
  5. The applicant takes the time to sponsor to provide ADR (if applicable)

However, please find the current processing times for Child Visa (subclass 101):

  1. 75 per cent of applications processed in 16 months
  2. 90 per cent of applications processed in 21 months

Australian child visa cost

The sponsor has to pay the required fee and charges for Child Visa. All charges below given are in Australian dollars.

Visa Subclass Base Application Charge Additional Application Charge 18 and over Additional Application Charge 18 or under
Subclass 101 $2665 $1330 $670

There is also additional cost such as Health examination, Character certificate etc paid by the applicant.

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