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Almost one year ago, me and my spouse with our baby girl moved to Manitoba in search of better quality of life. It seemed in India that we were working day, noon and night, spending no time together, with nothing to show for it. We couldn't see a future for ourselves or our child in India and decided to emigrate. Now our lifestyle changed almost completely compared to our life in India.

Manitoba is small enough to offer a relaxed and natural environment with a countryside-like feeling and at the same time big enough to offer all amenities required for a dynamic and modern contemporary living in a world level city. A big thanks to our immigration organization also i.e. Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. it is an organization with full of dedication and enthusiasm. 

We really appreciate the way they handled our case and gave us guidance, helped us understand the complete process and also cleared our every small query. They have been thorough professional and we admire the way they comforted us with your support. Thank you so much. We will surely recommend it to our Friends and Family.

Before arriving I was quite confident about my employment prospects in Manitoba. I have a range of qualifications and work experience that offer me a relatively broad choice on a qualified job market. I am a qualified teacher with a Ph.D in Education, an experienced University lecturer. I started looking for jobs 3-4 months before my arrival in Manitoba. I applied for some jobs, but as I found out, it can be challenging to secure a job before you get here. After I arrived though, and I was able to write a Canadian address on my CV and provide Canadian contact number, I started to get replies for my applications.

aptech visa reviews

My daughter got admitted in one of the best school in Manitoba, she is 7 years old and being a teacher I can feel the difference between educations here as compare to India. Manitoba is a great place for my family and me. It is a small city in terms of population but quite large in terms of land area. We love the low population density and the many green open spaces. The city is safe and clean too.

Our time in Manitoba has been memorable. We have developed deep connections and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Aptech Visa organization stands apart from fake and dishonest organizations. The organization came into existence in 2011 and since then has gained trust through its hard work, dedication and commitment of turning immigration aspirants dreams into reality. We have 10000 plus happy customers who are successfully living and working in their selected country. Every visa application profile is thoroughly analyzed to check the possible and fastest immigration chances. The success of our clients is the utmost importance and values for us.

The experts of Aptech Visa adhere to the professional standards for every PR case they undertake. It is not an overnight success for the organization to create a niche for itself but is a continuous and rigorous hard work of the association.

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