Aptech visa reviews

Aptech Visa Reviews

Ravi Kumar (Noida)
Service Provider - Dell Sat, Nov 21 2020
Aptech visa reviews

 My experience with Aptech Global has been very smooth from the starting till the end. Everything for me, right from creating a profile to updating it, and keeping me updated with the latest news Read more

Dr. Pooja (Noida)
Associate Professor - Sharda University Tue, May 05 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Uma,  "My heartfelt thanks to Ms. Uma for being available even on whatsapp whenever I called or messaged. She has been so supportive during the process and have been patientl Read more

Arun Kumar Balyan (Noida)
Truck Driver - Shankar Transport Fri, Dec 20 2019
Aptech visa reviews

I have spent my 8 years almost in the grabbing information about the immigration process and searched for a lot of consultant and came to know about Aptechvisa online and spoke to their manager and Read more

Devayangini Verma (Noida)
Business Analyst - Clothing Cluster
Aptech visa reviews

This is for appreciation of the efforts made by Aptech team for processing of PR application.  Eca report for both the masters was received at a swift pace. The case officer is Read more

Manjari D (Noida)
Sr. Ux Architect - Ncr Corporation Pvt. Ltd
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptech and Team, Feedback for ECA I am happy to choose Aptech Global. As initially the WES process took time due to issues with University courier services. I started feeling tha Read more

Rachna Bhalla (Noida)
Assitant Teacher - Kanpur Blind School
Aptech visa reviews

Hello Monica Ma'am and Aptech Team Aptech is a thoroughly professional consultancy, one that I would trust without hesitation. We chose them for their industry expertise. Read more

Jitendra Kumar Bhalla (Noida)
Senior Sales Manager - Aahana Enterprises
Aptech visa reviews

Hello Aptech and Team I am writing this mail as i have been asked to share my feedback till the ECA processing in regard to my immigration application. we are pleased to be connecte Read more

Rohan Bhasin (Noida)
Corporate Financial Analyst - American Express India Pvt. Ltd.
Aptech visa reviews

Hi, I had a good experience untill now with the process. You have been really helpful and would go an extra mile to accomplish and extract every information needed. Read more

Kshitij Dhamija (Noida)
Process Developer - Genpact India
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptech, Thank you for the update of receiving a positive ECA report. My experience so far, has been absolutely awesome with Aptech. The case officer assigned has Read more

Mujahid Khan (Noida)
Center Manager & Trainer Of Cabin Crew - Sky Academy
Aptech visa reviews

As I got the mail regarding feedback here I am very exciting to know that I got positive report of ECA and till now I am happy to share my experience I would like to Thank Aptech Gl Read more

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