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Sonal Puri, Financial Analyst -

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My name is SonalPuri, I am from India and I’ve been in Manitoba for past 6 months.

When I first came to Manitoba, my first impression was that it was such a tidy city. It was very beautiful and very clean. Everything was like, kind of very nice, organized. The transport system was very easy; the buses I remember were something very surprising- the time of the buses.

The life-style here, when people start working in the morning, work until the afternoon and then going to live their life, that is something I really like about this city.

Within a month, I found job in one of the most famous organization of Manitoba and it’s been pleasure working with them. All the services I have been getting here are really amazing. Once I will get citizenship here, then I can gain other benefits as well which a citizen usually gets. No doubt I miss my parents, family, friends I left in India but it was amazing journey and experience was wonderful.

One of my friends helped me out searching for immigration consultant and eventually we found one of the famous immigration consultant i.e. Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. I can never forget the hard work and quality work they have done in making my case successful that today I am here in Manitoba and everything happened all because of them. Thank you Aptech for helped me out in making my dream true.

aptech visa reviews

There are a lot of open spaces and it feels like there is an interesting mix between urban and rural lifestyles. People are friendly and supportive, very willing to make friends with newcomers which are great.

There are also a variety of Facebook groups where you can find information to help with settling in. I’m surprised by how easy it is to get around here. I don’t feel like I need my car because I have had positive experiences with the bus networks here.

I like that you can travel all over the Territory and that nothing is really ever that far away. I think Manitoba is a great place to raise a family. There are a lot of friendly people here and there are many great online communities available to help connect with new people.

Manitoba has fantastic markets and there are some trendy shops there which I love to visit, as well as all the galleries, museums, theatres, exhibitions, concerts, restaurants, cafes and nature trails.

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