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I would like to show my gratitude towards Aptech Global Immigration Services. Initially I have started my case with some other immigration consultant but they ruined my application and it was the bad experience I ever had with them. After having a lot of hustle, bustle finally I got my ECA report but then I decided that I will not proceed with those people and I searched for another consultant.

Then one of my friends suggested me of Aptech Global Immigration Services, I visited them and then finally I enrolled with them. I got ITA within 15 days of enrollment and the case officer as very much active, I got very precise checklist of documents, information as very much to the point, everything was frequent and on flow in result they filed my applicant within a month post getting ITA. Then within 1 month I got my visa approval.

So guys, this was the overall experience which I have explained in these lines, I would recommend the services of Aptechvisa and it would be an honor working with them all. I am so lucky that I have opted for Aptech. They working style is very different and unique from other consultant; they do not charge even much for their services, cost is very reasonable, and services are excellent!!

Now let’s talk about Canada. Yes, it is the place where one can fulfill their dreams and never regret of their decision. Yes, I am right friends, Sunny yellow, cherry red, turquoise blue—St. Johns’ pop-art-colored houses, collectively known as Jellybean Row, look especially awe-inspiring clustered in the cliffs of this atmosphere-drenched coastal neighborhood just outside downtown.

A stunning coastline and gorgeous cliffs make the Bay of Fundy one of the world’s great natural sites, and its spectacular tides—the world’s highest, it’s said—add an element of painterly beauty.

Encircled by five bodies of water, and often sheathed in ice, Canada’s largest island offers nearly lunar Arctic landscapes of jagged peaks, stark fjords, and crystalline lakes that thaw for just a few weeks each year. Below are some factors which can say that immigrating to Canada is good decision:

aptech visa reviews

  1. Healthcare & Elementary Education: These are the good bits about Canada as both these services are provided by the government for free and are considered very good.
  2. Future prospects for Children: This is one of the major reasons for most of the people that move to Canada. Thanks to the excellent education facilities, universities and great sports infrastructure at most places; Canada provides a lot of opportunities for the children.
  3. Environment: That for me is one of the great things about moving to Canada. Pollution free environment and lots of open spaces makes Canada a great place to live. You have a lot of things that you can do outdoors for most part of the year.
  4. Infrastructure: Infrastructure in general is excellent in Canada. However, the public transportation is not available at all places

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