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Pramit Das, Engineer- Lead -

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Hey all,

I, Pramit Das currently living in Canada, Ontario, was previously living in Noida, Delhi working as Senior Software Engineer and then I thought about immigration as one of my friend was immigrating to Canada and she encouraged me as well resultant I applied for Canada PR visa and luckily I got enrolled with good consultant in Delhi which was nearby to my place.

Even though I never visited their place physically, the day when I got PPR (Passport Request), finally I entered in their office and shown my gratitude towards their work and help throughout the process.

Yes, I am talking about Aptech Global Immigration Services (well known immigration consultant in Delhi since last few years). I heard about Aptech when I was searching online for Immigration consultants, I red their reviews and built up my trust towards them.

The very good thing I have experienced was I called up the company at 8.00 PM IST and they answered my call within 10 seconds only, the guy explained me the process. In next morning, I started my process very confidently and after few days I came to know that I am eligible to apply for the process. Within 6 months I got my visa and I am very thankful to entire team of Aptech who participated in my process and because of them today I am here enjoying my life in Canada.

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries and I loved the environment and other things of this country. It also did not take much time for me to get permanent job as I had a lot of known persons who were already there. 

aptech visa reviews

It’s been 2 years now I am here in Canada and things are going on very fantastically. I have not married yet as I am searching for a perfect match for me, my parents are presently living with me and we are living our marvelous life in Canada. I must say that people should visit once in Canada in their whole life.

Guys trust me, you would definitely go to love this heaven place, it is totally different from India.

Thank you Aptechvisa for making me realize that choosing migration to Canada was one of the best decision I have ever made in my life.

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