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Pooja Sindhuri, Registrar -

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Hello, we are Pooja Sindhuri and Suman Chander, we came from Andhra Pradesh. Our journey began long ago. We lived in several countries and journeyed through crowded cities jostling through maddening crowds and suffocating pollution.

Home for us was a place, which needed to have security, peaceful surroundings, good neighborhoods, less traffic and lots of fresh air. We thought such a place never existed until we made that eventful visit to Canada. I am M.B.B.S. Doctor by profession and that is why much more health conscious as well.

Ontario is a place where you hear the chirruping of birds throughout the day. They wake you in the morning and return with you in the evening through glorious sunsets. The city is full of lakes and parks and a beautiful day would draw families out for a picnic. It’s been more that 6 months we migrated to Ontario. Right now we are facing winters and every season is having its own color.

Canberra has kept us busy. This city constantly offers us festivals we must visit, new restaurants we need to try, beautiful treks to explore, brilliant roads to cruise on, amazing people to befriend and rich cultures to immerse ourselves in.

Ontario has embraced us and made us its own and we would never leave here. All this happened just because of one of the best immigration consultancy named Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd.

It would never be possible without them as initially we have tried with some other immigration consultant who were allocated within Andhra Pradesh. Though it was more convenient for us to travel to their place and get to know the status, but all in vain. They spoiled our immigration process then one of my recommended me of Aptech visa and I applied from their consultancy only.

aptech visa reviews

My overall experience was being so good that I enjoyed working with them guys. We never visited their place as they were very far away from us. When I got my visa, I was very much happy, after a lot of struggle today we are in Canda, enjoying our luck and keeping trust on god to be better for future as well.

We have small daughter who is only one year of age, I got job in one of hospital within 2 months only as I did some part time courses in Ontario after going there. My husband is also IT professional and Ontario is known for its IT background. 

He is also working in good MNC and we are earning very good wages. Today I am feeling so lucky that I took chance to immigrate to Canada and experienced very good things here.

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