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Megha Arora, Lead Disputes Analyst -

aptechvisa reviews

Hey Guys..!!

Here I am sharing my journey with Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. Just because of them, today I am here in Canada Ontario and I must say that yes, they are quite impressive. I would never forget the hard work done by Aptech Visa as after getting ITA, I was in Dubai for around 2 months and only 1 month was left in filing my application but they did all their work within given time period and filed my application before the expiry of my invitation to Apply. 

In between the arrangement of documents I experience a lot of tiny problems which I think every person experiences. This is very common that some documents are really difficult for every alternate person to arrange but Aptech Visa guided me everything very smoothly that I never felt disheartened and demotivated to gather documents. I got my visa approval within a month after filing application. Everything went well but again it was very much difficult for me to move Canada without any support so then I decided to accompany my mother with me and I approached Aptech. They told me about tourist visa and immediately I started the process. You guys won’t imagine that it took only 10days for my mother’s visa to get approve. That day was very much satisfactory for me as I was very much glad that my mother would be going with me.

aptech visa reviews

I reached Canada and explored all the things. My mother became my strong support and I forgot all the hard experience which I have faced after entering there like searching for jobs, accommodation since there was no contacts of mine in that alien country. But after all I got everything, I achieved every success within 2 years and today I can say that yes, Aptech is true. Because of them my dreams become true.

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