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Lipika Sahni, Senior Analyst -

aptechvisa reviews

Through the medium of this feedback, here I got a chance to share my thoughts about the consultancy which is Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd.

I was roughly searching online for some immigration consultants and came to know about Aptechvisa and then after going through their online feedbacks, I build up my interest for them.

I was interested in Canada as my real brother in law was living over there in Vancouver, British Columbia and I got additional points for spouse’s sibling.

I came through Aptechvisa after receiving ITA as rest of the process I did myself but when there was a question about filing of PR application so I became quite conscious and nervous and I decided not to take chance of filing it by my own as I had no idea about the documentation part and I decided to go with Aptechvisa.

Aptech visa helped me out in dealing it very calmly and within 1 month of time period, they arranged all the documents and screened them very finely and then filed my PR application.

Their guidance was very much helpful and supportive. After filing the application, it took around 6 months for my application to get approval and within this time period,

I was very much confused, even called them multiple times and inquiring about the status of the same but as nothing was going on in my application from their side, so they suggested me to wait for the outcome.

aptech visa reviews

Finally the day came when I got final PPR and that day was really good for us as we were eagerly waiting for it.

Within the processing time after filing, I disturbed them multiple times but they never said no to my calls and answering my queries very patiently. So, this was the journey of my PR visa for Canada.

Today I am here not for long time. Only 3 months have been passed since I am here in British Columbia. For further assistance, my brother helped me out here to get all the things done from my side as I am here with my spouse.

If I talk about my experience with Aptech, so it was very much interesting. I enjoyed working with them and I feel lucky to be there in Canada today.  

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