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Kartik Sood, Assistant Vice President -

aptechvisa reviews

To my all near and dear one, here I would like to share my feedback which I have had with Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd i.e. my immigration consultant. You guys are really genuine and trustworthy also. It’s been 6 months now; I got my PR visa for me and my family.

My process went very well, I enrolled for OINP and it took around 1.5 month to get the nomination approval and then after filing PR application, it took 5 months to get my PR visa approval.

Within this time period, there were a lot of hiccups in the process as I was having a lot of queries and I keep on calling them, emailing them guys and they keep on answering all my queries on time. I am feeling very glad and satisfied also with the dedication of team Aptech.

I love the way my case officer handled my application, it was really wonderful journey of mine with Aptech.

After getting my PR Visa, I went Canada along with my family and the type of care and hospitality I have experienced in Canada by their residents was really fabulous that I can never forget.

I came back India within 10 days of my wonderful journey and now planning again to visit Canada but this time I will be going permanently after winding up all my things associated with me in India. I did all this for my family future, I have a cute son of 10 years of age and my wife is also supporting me in my all decisions.

She was the only person who has searched online to best immigration consultant and the name coming out to be on the first rank was only Aptech visa.

aptech visa reviews

This was really good thing I felt in them and after going through their reviews, feedbacks, testimonials, I made up my mind and decided to go with Aptech visa only and today I am happy with my decision.  

Thank you so much guys for helping me out in the fulfillment of my dream and I would like to live in Canada as this is really wonderful place with respect to its residents, climate, weather, culture and other things also.

Canada is a multi cultural country and this was the only reason I decided to go for Canada only and the thing which we have heard about Canada is genuinely true.

They are very helpful and would help you out in all aspects. Thank you guys, thank you Team Aptechvisa, Thank you to my Case Officer specially. You guys are seriously amazing.

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