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Mr. Harshit Saxena arrived in Canada in 2017, excited to begin a new journey and new phase of life in Ontario. At 32 years of age, he already got Canadian PR with his spouse and it’s been 2 years now since he is in Canada. Below is the feedback received by him for the process.

Dear All,

Here I would like to show my gratitude for my immigration consultant i.e. Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. Who helped me out in all my achievements. I am glad that I selected Aptech as a genuine consultant who are very much hard working and committed to their words.

Since I was in USA during the processing of my application and my father was the only person who was coordinating with Aptech to get the things done.

Aptech did not take even a single delay in processing of my application. They helped my father a lot to do and fetch all the necessary details to get all the things done.

Now I am here in Canda and eventually I found a good job here, working in global sanctions in my field only and in a reputed company.

aptech visa reviews

My wife is also doing a full time job and we have bought a flat in nearby area. It took some hard time for us to get settled with all the things since we were not connected with anyone in Canada as our relatives, friends, knows and nobody was there in Canada who can help us out and get sorted all the things which were required.

Wishing you all the good luck in your journeys and guys who so ever is searching for Aptech as a good consultant, so I must say that yes, Aptech is genuinely a good consultant and I would really appreciate the hard work done by them in my case.

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