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Gurvinder Pal Singh, Senior Lead -

aptechvisa reviews

My name is Gurvinderpal Singh, and if you’re reading this site, then you are probably interested in immigrating to Canada under the Federal skilled Worker program.

I started researching what was needed to move to Canada on the permanent residence visa and found out two things:

1) it is a not very expensive process and

2) take not much time to process it further. If you can afford to appoint migration agent to help you then you can as they will help you out in all the means.

Initially I decided to do the things alone but then due to non-availability of time, I decided to hire an agent and I successfully did so. Finding and hiring Aptechvisa online was one of my wisest decisions I ever had taken.

Since I was there in Gurgaon and my agent was there in Janakpuri and as I said earlier that I am so much occupied in my tasks that I did not get chance to visit them even once.

I visited their head office (Janakpuri) only then when my visa got approved and we celebrated our success on that day altogether.

They keep on calling me, emailing me and sending me all the requirements on time.

Now I am here in Canada and since my employer was allocated in Canada (Nova Scotia), so now I am working there only.

aptech visa reviews

It did not let me waste my time in searching jobs and for other purposes one of my father’s friends was there in Nova Scotia and he and his family helped me out in every single mean.

I love all the glimpses which I have had in this journey of getting Canadian PR.

I have applied for my parent tourist visa also so that they can accompany me at the time of my first entry to Canada through Aptech only ad they got the visa within 10 days after filing of it.

It’s been 2.5 years now since I am here in Canada with my family. My sister was already there on the basis of Study visa and now we are living together and enjoying the nature of beauty in this glamorous place.

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