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Gaurav Gupta, Accounting Manager -

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Asst. Account Manager Designation
Born & bought up in Delhi, India 
Currently living – Ontario 
02- 09-2017

My wife and I are from Delhi and blessed with two beautiful kids. I am Accounting Manager by profession and my wife is a software developer. We wanted to raise our kids in the best possible environment such as Canada, Australia. I was quite confused where should I immigrate, after lots of discussion with my colleagues and friend, we decided to move to Canada. 
So now I wanted to choose the best immigration consultant for processing my application, and friends suggested me to hire only ICCRC registered agent to represent my application, I searched & visited lots of consultants in Delhi, mostly were registered with ICCRC, all of sudden my Friend Mr. Ravi met & suggested me name of Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt Ltd. 

Though, I was not sure about Aptech Global but still decided to visit them for face to face meeting with visa consultant and Branch Manager to have a brief idea about Canada PR processing. Upon visiting them, I was astounded when I saw their success list on the wall, I was quite satisfied with their genuine answers and success ratio, and finally, we decided Aptech Visa as our PR application representative without any delay.

We would like to share my experience as my CRS score was not up to mark to get direct ITA, even not eligible to get Ontario Nomination and at that time I was really worried, but Big thanks to Aptech global team they intervened and suggested me the way how can I get Ontario Nominations. 

They convinced me if you chose to migrate alone you will have 405 CRS and they assured me that I will get the nomination from Ontario and later on I can sponsor my spouse. I discussed the matter with my family without any delay and eventually decided to move ahead alone. This is how I got nomination & PR. 

After getting visa approval and before going Canada, Aptech Visa research & development wings helped me in hunting jobs for Canada through various ways, and also conducted interviews for me as well.

Canada is really a great place to live as compared to India where I grew up, Canada is very peaceful, and the people here are very friendly. I have been living in Ontario for the past 11 months and being a knowledge city with dynamic organizations, it offers excellent professional opportunities across different industries and public sector alike.

aptech visa reviews

I was fortunate to be offered a position as an Assistant Account manager. The quality of work I get to do is great and it is such a supportive and fantastic workplace. I have been really lucky to get this job and to come and live in a city like Ontario. I would encourage anyone with the right skills and the right professional qualifications to consider Ontario as a fantastic option for them.

Recently, I have sponsored my family as well through Aptech Visa only. They are processing their application and very soon my family will join me in Ontario. I am excited because now we will celebrate all the festivals together as I haven’t met my children for long.

In the end, I can proudly say that Ontario is the best place to migrate for better future of your family. I would definitely recommend Ontario at Aptech Global Immigration services Private Limited to aspirants who want to settle in Canada.

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