Aptech visa reviews

Aptech Visa Reviews

Sini Sharma (Delhi)
Health Information - Syneos Health Sat, Nov 21 2019
Aptech visa reviews

It is often believed that first impressions are the last impressions and this is what I understand when  I got in touch with Aptech Global. Prior to starting the entire process, I always believed that Canada Immigration would be a lengthy and tedious process, but Aptech proved me wrong and they made the entire process a piece of cake for me. In India, I was working as a health technician and moreover, storing proper health records and other related information. Now, I am successfully settled in the province of Ontario, just because of the entire team of Aptech Global. I am very thankful to the entire team. Thank you so much guys for helping me achieve my dream of Canada Immigration.

Rakhi Mehra (Delhi)
Health Information - Attar Sain Jain Hospital Thu, Jan 16 2019
Aptech visa reviews

 My experience with Aptech Global has been very smooth from the starting till the end. Everything for me, right from creating a profile to updating it, and keeping me updated with the latest news was taken care with great ease by the entire team. Got my PR Visa for the province of Alberta and moreover, I was also given job assistance which helped me find a perfect job as a health care technician with the same job duties that I was performing in my home country. They are certainly the best team of immigration experts who work with full dedication and hard work. I would highly recommend the entire team to all the folks who are looking forward to immigrating to Canada. 

Vineet Sharma (Delhi)
Diabetologists And Endocrinologists - Uma Sanjeevni Hospital Tue, Sep 15 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Amazing services and professional staff. Thanks to the entire team of Aptech Global who worked relentlessly on my PR Visa application for Canada and helped me actualize my dream of starting a new life in Ontario as a health care specialist. It has been a year now that I got happily settled in Ontario and working here as a healthcare specialist with a high pay scale. I am very thankful to the entire team who went an extra mile in fulfilling my dream of moving to Canada. At the end, I would say that Aptech Immigration is an ideal choice for the aspiring candidates who are looking forward to settling in Canada. 


Priyanka Bhayana (Delhi)
Data Manager - Syneos Health Wed, Jul 15 2020
Aptech visa reviews

HI Monika Mam, 

My experience till now has been really good.
All the queries were answered promptly. I got positive ECA report through ICAS within short span of time.

I hope you will continue to serve us in a similar way. Looking forward to the same service.

Thank you,
Priyanka Bhayana

Simrenjeet singh (Delhi)
Deputy Manager - Axis Bank Mon, Jun 15 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Manpreet,,

I would like to thank you for suggesting the option to go for MBA assessment with ICAS Which results in positive assessment for my MBA degree. Earlier, I lost a hope when my assessement for MBA was not done with IQAS. But thanks for your support and your continuous help!!

Jasleen kaur Narula (Delhi)
Lead Engineer - HCL Technologies Sat, Jun 02 2020
Aptech visa reviews

I am very glad today to received SINP nomination approval resulted 600 CRS in my Express Entry profile. Finally I go ITA few days back and super happy to share this news with you guys today. It has been wonderful experience, SIN took little extra time because of license process as it was also included for my profile but I am so glad that ultimately I went through it positively. Overall things were very much hustle free and loving.
Now I am preparing documents to file my final stage of PR application online. And post that I would be getting Canadian PR which was my dream since long. Thank you Aptech team for your continuous support. I really enjoyed working with you guys.!

Sabreen Siraj (Delhi)
Research Assistant Psychology - Centre For Health Research And Development Wed, May 13 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Hello Aptechvisa,

I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Aptech global. Despite of so many hurdles in procurement of my documents they remained truly patient and cooperative with me throughout and were always available for guidance and advice.

Really appreciate my case manager for diligently following up with me and always being so responsive to my calls and queries. I feel very positive and hope the remaining process goes smooth as well.

Sabreen Siraj

Chandra Prakash (Delhi)
Software Engineer - Optum Global Solution Mon, Feb 29 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Team,

I really appreciate your good work and such smooth processing, I am happy to see the progress and excited to be the part of qualified list for Canada. This was never an easy task but your team made it so simple.

Best of luck in your future assignments and you guys really made my day.
Thank you so much folks for your the efforts.
Dedication is much appreciated!
Chandra Prakash

Payal Aggarwal (Delhi)
Technical Lead - The Dais Foundation Mon, Feb 23 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Its a pleasure to choose Aptech as my Immigration Consultant. The constant guidance and support from the team at every level is very much appreciated. We look forward for a successful PR application.

Thank you once again for being a part of our immigration process. Special mention for Case Officer, her unnerving answers and constant communication. 

Payal Aggarwal

Kumar Shanu (Delhi)
Navigation Officer - Angloeaster Mon, Feb 21 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Thank you for your help!!

I appreciate Aptech Consultancy’s guidance and support in the PR process. The team is both approachable and available to answer our queries and concerns. I am delighted to share my feedback at this platform and expecting the same kind of response throughout my process of PR.

Thank you once again

Shipra (Delhi)
Group Account Director - PMG Integrated Communications Pvt. Ltd. Mon, Feb 20 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptechvisa

This is regarding the journey till date with Aptech global regarding our PR for Canada. The journey till now has been real smooth. Manpreet the case officer is been in real help with a lot of things to be sorted out, may be it any personal or professional documents etc.

We are in the mid stage of as of now.  Lets see and keep our fingers crossed for the completion of what we both jointly has started. 

Thanks bunch 
Aptech Global & Case officer

Gagandeep Singh (Delhi)
It Analyst - Hcl Thu, Dec 26 2019
Aptech visa reviews

I am looking forward to move to Canada, that is the reason I joined Aptechvisa to get my PR as soon as possible, I would like to share my process of SINP License under CIPS for my profile specially.

For SINP, there was a requirement of CIPS that is the license for IT Background, since I am from IT background, so I have to procure the same from the designated body, CIPS took around 1 year to approve my license application. So finally I got the same and hoping for the confirmation from SINP.

Aptech team is working very well with us, very helpful. They all have handled my profile very diligently. Thanks you all for your continuous support and hoping the same for future also.

Thank you!

Manish kumar (Delhi)
Health Information - Bhagwati Hospital Tue, Dec 24 2019
Aptech visa reviews

Few years back, my friend referred Aptech Global while I was planning to immigrate to Canada as a health care technician. At first, I decided to apply for Saskatchewan PNP. But, slowly I realized that things were not going as smooth as they should be. So, I took a bold step and got in touch with Aptech Global. I must say that the entire process took a lot of time and was a little tedious, but after sparing a lot of time, I finally received Canada PR and now I am settled in the province of Saskatchewan. The entire team of Aptech Global took a long time, however, in the end, the entire wait and the spent money was worth it, as I got my Canada PR! 

Rajiv Misra (Delhi)
Tue, Dec 24 2019
Aptech visa reviews

Thankyou Aptech Global for Providing Great Job Assistance in New Zealand 

The entire team of Aptech Global helped me in getting a job from the New Zealand Employers. During the initial stages, I was not sure that whether I will get a job or not, but with a proper assistance of the entire team of Aptech Global, I was able to find my dream job in New Zealand. At the last, I would highly recommend them to the aspiring 

candidates who have the dream of New Zealand Immigration, with a  job offer. 

Saurabh Srivastava (Delhi)
Assistant Manager - Barclays Group Shared Centre Pvt Ltd Tue, Dec 24 2019
Aptech visa reviews

I have just received PR for Canada. I am very much excited to share this feedback;

I used the services of Aptech Global Immigration Services for this process. I am very happy, satisfied and pleased with the services they have rendered.

I would like to thank all the staff members on this special occasion and the work they put in my application, huge thanks to Aptechvisa for making this dream come true for me.

Subhashree Bhalla (Delhi)
Bank Manager - Yes Bank Fri, Dec 20 2019
Aptech visa reviews

I am here to share my experience with Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. throughout my journey for PR approval of Canada, Initially we were not aware about anything, then we searched for immigration consultants and searched so many and then came to know about Aptechvisa through our relative and visited their place with them and the process and paper work which they clearly explained to us was superb. It was not that tough so we chose Aptechvisa to do business on our behalf. 

Post clearing IELTS, we did ECA and then all paper work was submitted to Aptech. They filed our Express Entry and we got ITA within 2 days only just because of the excellence of Aptech. Within a month our PR application was filed by them, paper work was arranged very much smoothly and easily because of my case officer.

They handled my case very professionally; they use to give us updates on given time period. I am very much thankful to Aptech in making our dream come true and also after getting PR they formatted our resume so that we can get easily job there. Thank you Aptechvisa for your overall support throughout the process. We appreciate your workout.

Karan Chibber (Delhi)
Cloud Ops Admin Senior Analyst - Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd Sat, Dec 14 2019
Aptech visa reviews

I felt that IQAS process is a very time consuming process. But the support I got from Aptech Team and my Case Officer throughout this porcess was really wonderful.

Your utmost transparency left me speechless. I would be seeking for the same kind of assistance in my whole PR process.

Wishing Aptech Team all the very best for all the things.

Gurpreet Singh (Delhi)
Dentist - Bali Dental Clinic Sat, Nov 23 2019
Aptech visa reviews


My experience with Aptech has been excellent so far. I am thankful to Mr. Yogesh for their help and guidance. They are extremely good in their work and also quick and prompt in paper work and give feedback at every step.

I got ITA within 2 days after Express Entry submission. I express my sincere thanks to Aptech for filing my form in a such a short time and because of that I got my ITA and now I am waiting for my PR visa.

Thanks and Regards,
Dr. Gurpreet Singh

Aparna Bhatt (Delhi)
Hr Consultant - Genpact India Pvt. Ltd Thu, Nov 21 2019
Aptech visa reviews

Without your guidance it would have been very much time consuming for us to complete the ECA Process. Your timely reminders and follow ups kept us on track.

There were few hickups there was some dependency on the university side. But you were on our side, we were able to resolve the issues on time.

I hope rest of our journey will till Final letter will be smooth as long as you are on our side. I would really appreciate the actions done by your side.

Thanks again
Aparna Bhatt

Pankaj Kothari (Delhi)
Senior Finance Professional - Bt Global Business Services Pvt. Ltd Mon, Oct 21 2019
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Team,

I would like to Thank you for your support till now. You guys very professional. Clearly holding expertise in field and always there to providing assistance in complex matters day in day out.

I am very eager about the whole process. ECA process is just a start so looking forward for your support in future to complete the entire process.

Thanks again !!!

Anshu Lochab (Delhi)
Assistant Professor - Maharaja Surajmal Institute Fri, Sep 13 2019
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Monika,

I would like to thank you for rendering your indomitable support in getting my work done from WES. Along with, your polite behavior and timely revert has benefited me a lot.

Today I got my positive ECA report with Earned Doctorate equivalency and I am pretty happy to be associated with Aptech Visa.

Rakesh Kumar (Delhi)
Specialist - Intercontinental Hotel Group India Pvt Ltd Fri, Sep 06 2019
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptechvisa,

I am pretty happy with your continuous follow up till my ECA process and finally I am done with the very first step of my application.

It took long time from WES to get done with the verification process but Aptech visa really helped me out in getting it accomplished.

Thank you.

Gunpreet Kaur (Delhi)
Administrative Assistant - American Express India Pvt. Ltd. Fri, Sep 06 2019
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Team,

This part of the procedure has been really smooth and helpful. It is all because of Manpreet's diligence, knowledge and timely communication.

Please continue to keep her as our counsellor till we accomplish with this entire process. I got Invitation to Apply and I am very glad to be associated with Aptechvisa and its an honour to work with them.


Punit (Delhi)
Principal Product Manager - Oracle India Private Limited Thu, Jul 25 2019
Aptech visa reviews

I am impressed by the services provided by Aptechvisa Immigration so far. I had lots of doubts in the beginning.

Case Officer has been very professional in guiding me through the intricacies of the whole process. I am being advised correctly at every stage and help is being offered in getting the issues resolved.

I look forward to getting my immigration process completed in the near future, with help of Aptechvisa Immigration. Thanks

Surjeet Singh (Delhi)
Home Maker - Tue, Jul 30 2019
Aptech visa reviews

Hi all, I have applied for Canada Tourist Visa for me and my spouse last year through Aptechvisa only and it got approved within short span of time.

Then our passports got expired and we did not get visa beyond the expiration of our Passports. So last month again we applied for visa and it did not take more than 15 days to get approval this time also.

Would really appreciate the work out done by Aptech visa.
Thank you Guys

Mandeep Singh Siyan (Delhi)
Sales And Marketing Executive - Virtuous India Pvt. Ltd Sat, Jul 27 2019
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Monika, 

Greetings! I would like to give my feedback regarding the services that I have been getting from Aptech visa .

I have received my positive IQAS report and felt fortunate that Ms. Monika  was very helpful in my application process till now and gave me prompt response regarding all my queries.

Very much satisfied with the service that I got till now and  also hope to look forward for your help in my future process.
Thanks and Regards

Ankush Mago (Delhi)
General Manager - Prem Service Station Wed, Jul 23 2019
Aptech visa reviews

I have received my ITA from Prince edward Island and I couldn't thank much for  the wonderful experience I have had with Aptech's team in the process.

Throughout the process , I have never experienced any issues due to the same. I was provided on-time updates and the team made sure that I should not be have an issue when it came to communicate urgently.

I have been in touch with the Aptech team for over a year now and I can guarantee that Aptech has a good understanding of the over all PR process and in-depth knowledge of all the documentation required . 

Sumit Dua (Delhi)
Statistical Programmer - Document It India Pvt. Ltd
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Yogesh

I would like to thank you and the team for the help you have provided so far for in the new zealand  immigration process.  The knowledge and experience that you have has really helped us in reaching this point.

Specially the way you have handled my PAR process where the NZ authorities made a mistake is really commendable.

I know that i have signed up only for NZ process but i always reach out you for queries regarding australia and canada and you help me there as well. Thank you

Sandhya Mohan (Delhi)
Assistant Manager - Ernst & Young Services Pvt. Ltd.
Aptech visa reviews

I have been associated with Aptech Immigration since Jan 2018 working closely with Mrs. Monika for Canada Immigration Process.

She has been very diligent and efficient since day one in providing all the relevant information on the required documents and the processes for the immigration.

She was always available for answering any queries and patient enough to clear all my doubts.

I would highly recommend both Aptech as a company and the case officer to any prospective immigration candidates as you know your job well and deliver as promised.

Harmeet Kaur (Delhi)
Web Designer - Rytrak It Services Pvt.ltd
Aptech visa reviews

Hii Thankyou very much team Aptech for the information of a Positive ECA report. I would love to give your feedback for all your services till now.

It was a good experience with the consultant and the case officer who handled the process with full co-operation very calmly. She always supported us in a good way till ECA. I expect the same in the further process too.

I hope i will get everything positive that is needed in my PR process. Thank you once again for all your endeavours. Regards, Harmeet Kaur.

Taimur (Delhi)
Promoter - Ettemad Agro Pvt. Ltd.
Aptech visa reviews

Hello Guys,

My name is Taimur Taj and I got my Canada TR visa approval through one of the best immigration company i.e. Aptech Global Immigration Services.

My passport has been stamped and they granted me multiple entry visas for next 8 years. Initially I had applied it myself and got rejection as the officer was not satisfied with my application.

This time I got approval within 20 days and it was all just because of their hard working and dedicated team.  Thanks a lot guys, I would refer Aptech’s name to all my friends, known.

Good Job team!!

Isha Gupta (ITA received) (Delhi)
Area Sales Manager - Icici Lombard General Insurance Company Limited
Aptech visa reviews

The journey with your company has been great.

The expertise, information and guidance given by my case officer have been really helpful. It was with your guidance, I was able to reach at this point that I got my Invitation to Apply (ITA) sooner than expected.

The effort put in by my case officer was truly amazing.  You have really answered all our questions (including silly one) and I am really thankful for that.

I would definitely recommend your company to my friends.

Anjali Yadav (Delhi)
Senior Associate - Wns Global Services Pvt Ltd
Aptech visa reviews

I have had a nice experience with you till now and I am quite satisfied with your assistance.

I got my positive ECA report and i am glad enough with the services been offered to me. I look forward for the same energy and support from you till the time I get my PR.

Isha Gupta. (Delhi)
Area Sales Manager - Icici Lombard General Insurance Company Limited
Aptech visa reviews

Hello Aptech,

Thank you for your help so far. It is really a pleasure to work with you. I really appreciate your commitment and knowledge of the whole process.

Your updates were timely and you have guided us well so far. Overall I am extremely satisfied with you and your company and I'll surely recommend you to my friends.


Honey Taneja (Delhi)
Executive Sourcing Specialist - Flexibility Rpo Initiative Of Abc Consultants
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Mrs. Monika,

Thank you for your assistance throughout my journey till ECA, I really appreciate your help and regular follow ups regarding the process and the way forward steps.

You have answered all my questions and concerns patiently and gave me the proper solution for the issues faced. Looking forward to the same support until I reach my end goal.


Deepika Anand (Delhi)
Manager (finance And Accounts) - Hcl Infotech Ltd
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Team

I would like to thank your company personnel for their excellent support. Your customer care executive and case manager Mrs. Monika took care of all my queries in a jiffy.

She also provided timely and helpful advice regarding Medical Tests. She let me know all the important information regarding the whole procedure related to immigration. I am a busy professional and I hardly had any time to get things done on my own.

Monika was extremely attentive and she listened to all my concerns with a great deal of patience. She also ensured that I received all the information is apt and clear. She has a caring approach and she is a true professional. Please accept my gratitude towards her and other staff for their speedy and efficient services.

I was able to complete the whole process timely, thanks to their attentive and alert presence. I would especially like to commend Mrs. Monika and her team for their professionalism and superlative skills.

Suman Arora (Delhi)
It Professional - Northern Orthocare
Aptech visa reviews

Our experience with aptech was very good. The whole team especially Mrs. Monika and her team were very good ,and helpful in every manner. Hope for this support in the next procedure also.

Suman Arora

Ashish Gupta (Delhi)
Subject Matter Expert - Olx India Pvt. Ltd
Aptech visa reviews

Hi All,

I am very pleased to say that our request for Canada PR is approved and we are moving to Vancouver very soon.

This was our dream to work and get settled abroad, I think we have started our steps towards that dream and would like to Thank to the entire team of Aptech immigration for an unlimited support and taking us through a very smooth process in our entire journey of our PR application.

A special thanks to Mrs. Monika, she has been very patient and friendly throughout the entire process, without her continous support and hard work this would not have been this easy.

Thank you to the entire team again!
Ashish Gupta

Kanika Kapur (Delhi)
Administrative Assistant - Paras International
Aptech visa reviews

People working at Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. are very supportive and extreamly cooperative.

All my doubts queries were answered properly. And in terms of services their work is appreciable. Last but not the least I feel that I am at the right place for PR visa Process.

Thanks Regards,
Kanika Kapur

Shivani Dalal (Delhi)
Faculty - Jims
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Aptech and Team,

Thanks a lot for the good news. I am really happy to be associated with you and Aptech global. You have given a great guidance throughout the process.

It was a privilege to be working with you as my case officer. Your patience and dedication to your work will surely going to take you long in your career. Once again I would like to say thank you to you.

I am really happy with the services of aptech global and I admire the professionalism with which you work. I am surely going to recommend it to my family and friends. Thanks and regards, Shivani Dalal

Ashish Sharma (Delhi)
Senior Account Manager - J. Walter Thompson
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Mrs. Monika and Team,

My experience of working with you has been satisfying so far. Your quick respond to my emails and queries is appreciable. I hope your cooperation for the remaining processes will be the same.

I suggest anyone who needs a clear direction towards Canada express entry should get in touch with the Aptech team.

Regards Ashish

Shivani Dalal. (Delhi)
Faculty - Jims
Aptech visa reviews

Hello Mrs. Monika,

First of all I would like to thank you for being so persistent in your guidance. I really appreciate how patiently you used to answer all my queries throughout this ECA process.

I am thankful to you. You are an amazing advisor with a great sense of professionalism. May you achieve great heights in your career. I am Happy to be associated with you and with aptech global. Looking forward to the same.

Thanks and regards,
Shivani Dalal

Manish Dadhwal (Delhi)
It Manager - Tcs
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptech,

I would like to show my sincere thanks to your company for helping me with immigration process. I must add the level of professionalism

I found within your employees are satisfactory and looking forward to continue my remaining immigration process with same type of dedication.

Thanks and regards
Manish Dadhwal

Harminder Singh (Delhi)
Assistant Professor - Jagannath University
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Aptech global,

The experience with you Team Aptech and especially with Mrs Monika and her team has been wonderful till now. She and her colleagues have been prompt in providing solution to a query raised by me or my wife at any point in time.

Their conduct has been thoroughly professional and par exvellence. We will be grateful to them if they continue to support us in the same manner they have been supporting and help us in achieving our ultimate goal. Once again,

A big thank you to Aptech and team.

Prakash (Delhi)
Storage Administrator - Ibm
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Manpreet,

I would love to share the professional bonding between your team and patience that you guys carry for your clients success is commendable.

I appreciate your knowledge and expertise on the immigration rules and regulations and an attitude to make your clients success as yours is beyond words.

I am sure that very soon you will reach high. I hope by next year with your efforts i will be able to fly overseas for PR. Lets keep walking towards our goal.


Sanjeev jha (Delhi)
Sap Consultant - Future Career Solution Pvt Ltd
Aptech visa reviews

Kindly consider this as my token of appreciation.

I remember when I initially got the call from Aptech immigration office approaching in the event that I was searching for seeking PR for Canada and Australia. My initial thought was Aptech would also be like many other immigration consultants

I have came across and believed would in no way be helpful for me to pursue my dream. It was a turning point in my life that I stepped into Aptech immigration office and left the office with the door open for my dream come true. From the bottom of my heart,

I really thank Aptech immigration for being there all the way. I take this opportunity to strongly recommend Aptech immigration to all the people dreaming for seeking permanent residency especiaIiy for Canada.

Sanjeev jha

Hrishi Arora (Delhi)
It Proffesional - Northern Ortho Care
Aptech visa reviews


Our Experience with Aptech is excellent, staff is very helpful. Till now services matches our expectations help in each and every step of my processing and getting my PR process smooth and above my expectation.

The team is great and very supportive in all and guided me well as each and every employee is knowledgeable and expertise in his field and I hope to get same services till the very end of our process.

Hrishi Arora

Ritesh Makkar (Delhi)
Regional Credit Manager - Icici Bank Limited
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Team,

The journey so far has been very nice with Aptech team. I really appreciate the efforts put in by the team specially Miss Monika while handling my case.

The call received from her to make remind me about Deepika's result on result date was great and it was lucky for us. Moreover even before ITA draw Aptech team was well in touch to keep updating and motivating me to hope for the best.

Overall good guidance on each and every step was provided by the team with full enthusiasm. I really look forward for the same efforts while conducting the other work related to PR filing.

Thanks & Regards
Ritesh Makkar

Prateek Sekhri (Delhi)
Software Developer - Pulp Strategy
Aptech visa reviews


Aptech Global  so far very helpful and my process till ECA is good and smooth all my queries are handled very quickly by Monika and her Case officer and hoping for the best and same way

my process will work and help me in fulfilling my dream to reach Canada with you all Aptech team really working hard to complete each task not only in time but in excellent way thanks for helping in every possible way.

Best Regards, Prateek Sekhri

Harleen kaur (Delhi)
Construction Manager - M/s Kartar Singh & Sons
Aptech visa reviews

Thank you very much Aptech Global Immigration Services I would like to put on record my appreciation of high level of professionalism and commitment displayed by your company, consultant and case officer. They looked into the details and pointed out the issues timely which needed attention and also answered my queries which came along the process. I would especially like to thanks Case manager ms. Monika for her excellent support and guidance for ECA process. All good wishes and appreciation for hard work and patience with me. Wishing very success in near future. Keep up the good work Regards  Harleen kaur

kartik sood (Delhi)
Manager - Icici Bank
Aptech visa reviews

Our experience with Aptech Immigration Consultants has been amazing. It has the most cooperating, understanding, sincere and work-oriented team that deals with clients with full dedication, devotion and selflessness.

We spoke to a number of agencies and consultants before we zeroed down on Aptech Immigration Consultants for our Canada PR application solely because of their in depth knowledge in this field. They meant business from day one and Mr. Aman the Branch Manager ensured that we got adequate support from the start.

We were introduced to Ms. Monica who guided us for our PNP process and was very supportive at each stage. Her pro active approach helped us sail smoothly through the PNP process. Our experience would not have been so wonderful without the special mention of Ms. Manpreet as our case officer who not only made sure that our application and documents were in perfect order but also went extra miles by working late hours. She was always prompt and patient in addressing all our queries and concerns.

We felt very comfortable working with her as she took special care to ensure that we got regular updates of the process. Her diligence was evident by the fact that there were no follow ups from the immigration department as the entire documentation was in perfect order.

A big thank you for being such a great support in our journey!

Tenzin Yega.. (Delhi)
Staff Nurse - Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
Aptech visa reviews


I am extremely happy to receive Canada PR through Aptech VISA. I got to know about them online and enrolled myself for Canadian Permanent Residency.  After receiving my ITA, my actual problems due to my passport started.

However, after lot of hard work by the immigration specialists of Aptech Visa, I finally got my Canada PR. I enrolled with this firm about 9 months prior and they have been so helpful throughout the process.

I would actually recommend Aptech Visa to all my friends, relatives willing to settle in Canada in future.

Ashish Raj Gupta (Delhi)
Subject Matter Expert - Olx India Pvt. Ltd
Aptech visa reviews

Here I would like to thank entire Aptech team for getting my ITA in very short span of time. Process so far has been so smooth and easy. Lots of support and help we have received from Manpreet till now.

We have been treated more like friends and not like usual clients. They all are up to the mark and very soon I will get my Canada PR visa. I am very thankful for all the assistance & services you have provided.

Hope we get the same kind of support and assistance for our future process.
Thanks Aptech and Team.

Tarun Singh (Delhi)
Senior Analyst - Hcl
Aptech visa reviews

Hello Aptech Team,

I am very glad about that you did really amazing work. whatever you told me about that process you exactly following.

Honestly i really did not know about anything but you always Guide me well and told me what i need to do for further. Now i can see my bright future just because of you,Aptech and Mrs Monika.

Hope you guyz will do the same for me and for all who will connect you in future.

Subhashree (Delhi)
Bank Manager - Yes Bank
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Team,

Its my pleasure dealing with Aptech Global Immigration Services. The service offered till date is commendable. Be it the assigned consultant or case officer, their engagement and  positive attitude is really impressive.

I would like to appreciate the support of our case Manager Mrs. Monika, in addressing and resolving all our concerns and queries at any point of time. They explained patiently all the procedures and processes , which us essential to understand when it comes filing PR. 

Also the prompt response and continuous support helped me in getting my ITA in just 3 days. Will look forward to get the same service and support.

Regards Subhashree

Paramjeet kaur (Delhi)
Compliance Executive - Dkm
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptech Team,

I would like to THANK YOU for the support you have provided till now. I got my positive ECA report today some how my post graduation is not considered by them even after I share my concern with your executive.

Here is only one point which make me depressed. Other wise everything is just awesome. Just keep on working like this and fulfill our (me & my family) dream of working/migrating to Canada.

I hope you guys will make it possible. Special Thanks to Mr. Aman . I will personally suggest my dear ones to choose you after getting my VISA   

Good luck to your team.

Jaskaran singh bedi (Delhi)
System Administrator/network Administrator - Moble E-labs India Pvt.ltd.
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Pinky (Goldy),

I would like to share my special thanks to take care my PR Documentation process very efficiently , I always received reply from Aptech Global Immigration timely.

I strongly support and recommend Aptech Global Immigration to every persons who are looking to migrate to Canada. I really like to appreciate your work.

Jaskaran singh bedi

Tajvinder K Sidhu (Delhi)
Assistant Manager - Personiv
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptechvisa,

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to provide a feedback for the process. I sincerely appreciate the valuable time and effort you have invested in reviewing my profile and recommending the next steps.

I feel confident about the entire process because of your guidance throughout. You have generously shared your expertise and experience with me and I feel at ease that my PR file is being handled by your company.

I would like to thank you and your entire team for making this tedious and lengthy process very simple and easy for me. I have received your support at every step and I would highly reccomend Aptech to my friends and colleagues.

Once again, thank you for all your efforts.
Tajvinder K Sidhu

Vijay Kumar Vaid. (Delhi)
Corporate Manager - Ujjivan Small Finance Bank
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Team Aptech Global,

I would like to thank  team Aptech Global and its staff for all the support and guidance extended right from the process of getting documents for ECA and transcript. I would like to appreciate the promptness displayed by case officer (Mrs. Monika) as I got my desired IELTS result on 4th May,

she created my express entry on 8th May and I got my ITA in draw conducted on 9th May, this was made possible due to her pro - activeness . There is a saying that time is money and commendable efforts of Ms. Monika has helped me in getting ITA for me a quick time.

One suggestion to improve the process of hand overtake over,  there was time period during which I didn't receive any mails from Team Aptech Global about  draws(who all got ITAs) these mails are important for each aspirant and serves as a motivational factor specially when they are writing IELTS multiple times.

I once again like to thanks my Case officer - Mrs. Monika for her work and guidance. Looking forward to similar guidance from team Aptech Global going forward also.

Regards Vijay Kumar Vaid

Sandhya (Delhi)
Assistant Manager - Ernst & Young Services Pvt. Ltd.
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Manpreet,

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the team till now as all the process and documentation has been updated promptly and I have been informed about all the details regularly over a call or e-mail.

I really appreciate all your assistance and support so far and look forward to working with you and getting to the end of the PR process smoothly and efficiently.

Regards, Sandhya

Ashish Jindal (Delhi)
Software Engineer - Snapdeal
Aptech visa reviews


It’s really astonishing that I and my wife Divya got our PR visa within just 4 weeks! I am very happy that I put my money and time with such wonderful team! My Case officer helped me a great deal.

All my queries resolved effectively all thanks to hardworking and always-ready-to-attend-you staff at Aptech! Even when I faced issues regarding documentation, the team handled it an effective manner.

Thank you Aptech from bottom of my heart for quickly delivering my PR visa!
Ashish Jindal

Sonal Puri (Delhi)
Senior Financial Analyst - Bt Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
Aptech visa reviews

The experience working with you guys have been pleasant so far. All my queries were reasonably resolved.

The complete process was properly explained and sufficient help was received in case of any confusion. Overall it has been a supportive and pleasant experience so far.

Varun Bhardwaj (Delhi)
Senior Process Analyst - Royal Bank Of Scotland
Aptech visa reviews

I am very glad that I have chosen your company to fulfill my desire.

I feel that you are very concerned for your work that gives me kind of satisfaction that I am going in a right way with dedicated workers who can understand the importance of immigration.

Thank you for your consideration.
Varun Bhardwaj

Rahul Sharma (Delhi)
Manager - Servion Global Solution Limited
Aptech visa reviews

It is really appreciated the way team APTECH backed me till now with my journey towards Canadian PR. With all the support we have achieved first milestone of getting a Positive ECA report.

Even though getting things done from University took time but post that the swift action from you for submitting documents at WES and guiding me for my actions were commendable.

I am looking ahead to achieve our final goal now , and I am sure it will be a smooth experience with team APTECH.

Thanks Rahul Sharma

Hari Mohan Kaushik (Delhi)
Branch Receivable Managers - Cholamandalam Investment And Finance Co Ltd
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Sir/Mam,

I would like to thank your company personnel at the customer services division for their excellent support. Your Case officer Miss Manisha Kaur took care of all my queries in a jiffy. I really enjoying working with you and your company.

I would really appreciate it till ECA report. She has a caring approach and she is a true professional. Please accept my gratitude towards her and your customer care staff for their speedy and efficient services. Dear Manisha Mam,

i Personally thank you for your untiring efforts and dedication to provide exceptional service. Thank you once again for a Job well done and please continue to keep up the good work.

With Regards Hari Mohan Kaushik

Himanshu (Delhi)
Software Tester - Chhabra Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Manpreet,

Its a very good experience that i have with Team Aptech Immigration . I have got good services so far & expecting the same in future as well.

I really appreciate the cooperation of the all immigration officers at Aptech Global Immigration Service Pvt Ltd. Hope you guys will continue the good services so that i will refer you to my friends & all those who aspire to migrate to any of the country.

Kudos to the team Aptech Global Immigration Service Pvt Ltd.

Piyush and Anjali (Delhi)
Lead Business Analyst - American Express Pvt. Ltd.
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptechvisa,

Thank you so much for this great news. I want to mention some appreciation words for your kind support and help always provided by you.

Positive report of ECA would not have been possible if it was not guided accurately, we are really delighted that we found such a nice consultant (case officer) who always helped us wherever required.

Hoping to seek same kind of help and support for our further case for obtaining Canadian PR.

Piyush & Anjali

Tenzin Yega. (Delhi)
Staff Nurse - Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
Aptech visa reviews

Greetings to aptech family,

It is with immense respect and pleasure i write to share my feedback. The effectiveness and transparency of your service is highly appreciated.

The news of ITA received within a short period of wait has brought me abundant joy and pride to have associated with the aptech family.

Thank you all very much for ur dedication and hard work. Especially Ms. Monika who has been the guiding star in this entire process.

Thanking you.

Gurvinderpal Singh (Delhi)
Senior Tech Lead - Diksha
Aptech visa reviews

Hello team,

I am writing this for the lovely team at Aptech. You all are working commendably well. Thank you for faster processing of my PR visa. Canada is my dream and it is finally coming true! Thank you Aptech Global for making it possible.

My experience with you guys is amazing and I suggest all immigration seekers to contact Aptech Global without hesitation and second thought about it.

They will explain you everything about PR process from the scratch and no query will be left unanswered by them, I guarantee you! Best of luck team, keep working at this level of good assistance and backing.

Gurvinderpal Singh

Abhishek Bharadwaj (Delhi)
Procurement Officer - Hcl
Aptech visa reviews

Hello & Greetings,

I would like to give my thanks to my Case Officer Ms.Monika. She is such a helping hand ever since my case was assigned to her. Very supportive and ready to solve my doubts and queries at any time of the day.

She takes up my calls even after office hours. I really appreciate the effort you have undertaken for me and it is because of you only that I am going to settle overseas! Thank you very much. It was pleasure taking up your services.

Abhishek Bharadwaj, New Delhi

Sudhir Kumar (Delhi)
Physiotherapist - Irene Hospital
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptech Team!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Aptech Global team for showing true professionalism. You updated me application status regularly and your promptness to solve my queries is really appreciable.

Well, I got my ECA report, nice to know it is positive.
I am satisfied with your services. Your knowledge on Canada PR is excellent and you guided me well. Anyone looking for a Canada immigration consultant do prefer Aptech Global Thanks

Regards, Sudhir Kumar

Vijay Kumar Vaid (Delhi)
Corporate Manager - Ujjivan Small Finance Bank
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Aptech Global Team & Team

I would like to thank Aptech Global for all the support and guidance extended so far. You way of handling clients excellent and genuine.

You all helped me a lot in arranging all the required documents on time. My review will be incomplete if I don’t mention the work of my case manager, the way she has proactively guided us at each step of (Transcripts, ECA and bands to be obtained in IELTS) her work is really appreciable.

Looking forward for the similar support and guidance for my Canada PR Visa at each level going forward from  Monika and Team Aptech Global.

Regards Vijay Vaid

Navjot Kaur (Delhi)
Track Lead - Hcl Technologies
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptech Global,

This is regarding feedback of my overall experience with Aptech Global. I would like to thanks each and every person I have come in contact with, till now.

I am taking assistance from Aptech Global for Canada PR express entry. My case is under process but I can say this with confident the way you are working I will definitely get my Canada PR visa.

Earlier your counsellor provided great assistance and guidance and now Shruti (Case Officer) is doing great job helping me with my request. She has been very professional, humble and helpful till now.

She listens patiently and assists in every way possible. I am hoping to get same kind of assistance going forward too.

Thanks again for all the good job and assistance.
Navjot Kaur

Gaurav Gupta (Delhi)
Accounting Manager - Mckinsey Knowledge Centre
Aptech visa reviews

I am sharing this feedback to acknowledge Aptech Global for my NOI from Ontario, Canada. I am glad to take services from Aptech as they deals in genuine service and no fake words like others.

I appreciate Monika guidance on documentation and other matter, she is very positive and kept me optimistic on PNP, eventually now I have NOI from Ontario. She displays aptitude and alacrity in her work, her communication skills are apt for her role,

she honestly flag that she needs to validate information with seniors instead of sharing any incorrect information, and this is very comforting. Your team is dependable and conscientious, the way you deals builds trust.

You are very helpful and always responsive to my queries. I am sure Monika is an asset to the Aptech family, she will grow in her role and contribute immensely to Aptech in years to come.


Megha arora (Delhi)
Lead Disputes Analyst - American Express
Aptech visa reviews

Hi all Aptech Team members!

I am writing this to appreciate your work and push your effort more and more as you are really appreciable team. You always ready to listen and solve my query. I am very happy that I have received my Invitation to Apply (ITA) from Canada.

I have gone through many other visa consultancies but they did not have sufficient knowledge of Canada migration. But luckily i found Aptech Global while searching on internet. And now I realise that I have choosen a right pioneer for my Canada visa.

It has been great working with you people. I had troubles initially with the case but Aman (Manager) has always there to guide me well. I would like to recommend Aptech Global to all my migration dreamed friends.

Thanks a lot for the support. Really appreciate!
Thank You

Preeti Chima (Delhi)
Nutritionist - Body By Preeti
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptech Family,

I would like to say yet again that it has been a pleasure working with you. Things have proceeded very smoothly comfortably for us even from the time of ECA to the ITA letter. After getting a positive ECA report I have received my ITA letter within 15 days.

I appreciate your fast process and the fact that you take time out to listen to and understand my questions/queries and try and resolve them as soon as possible.
I do hope the rest of the journey from here on only continues to be this smooth it gets even better and that there are no glitches on the way and I will move to Canada with my husband and child.

I would be more than happy to recommend Aptech Global Immigration Services personally to any friends looking to apply for immigration as well.

Regards Preeti Chima

Preeti Chima, New Delhi (Delhi)
Nutritionist - Body By Preeti
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptech family,

It has been a pleasure working with you. All the things have proceeded much more smoothly and much more comfortably for us with Aptech.

I appreciate the fact that your assigned case officer take time out to listen to and understand my questions/queries and try and resolve them as soon as possible. After getting a positive ECA report I do hope

The rest of the journey from here on only continues to be this good or gets even better and I will move to Canada with my husband and child.

Thank you, 
Warm regards, 
Preeti Chima

Abhishek Bhardwaj. (Delhi)
Procurement Officer - Hcl
Aptech visa reviews

I am feeling as if I have won a prize. All I can say is that it is just because of your team's dedicated efforts for me. All of you have been so patient & cooperative till now and I hope you would continue to help me like this.

You are sincere & assiduous attitude toward your work has helped me to get what I got today. I thank you from the bottom of my heart & I wish that your organisation would also achieve great heights in your life.

Once again, I thank Aptech Global Services for your kind assistance in my visa process.

Best Regards,
Abhishek Bhardwaj

Saurabh Srivastava. (Delhi)
Assistant Manager - Barclays Group Shared Centre Pvt Ltd
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptech Global

Many thanks for whole Aptech team's assistance in past couple of months in helping me to arrange the documents.

You were always available whenever required and this has helped me a lot in getting the required information in a timely manner. Your work is appreciable and accountable.

Looking forward for this to continue.
Regards Saurabh 

Ravi Shekhar. (Delhi)
Lead Worker - Genpact
Aptech visa reviews

Dear Aman/Monika,

I really say Thanks to both of you and your team for providing your services and all your help in getting PNP nomination. I started with you this journey a year ago with a dream to get PR visa in which you and your team helped me a lot to make my dream come true.

I really appreciate you and your team to constantly provide services to me and helped me a lot in solving my all queries with a high patience level. I understand that to complete all the process would take time.

Moreover, getting a wonderful services and help from you throughout the year would make the process very easy.

Chandra Prakash NK (Delhi)
Software Engineer - Optum Global Solution
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Anshu & Aptech Team,

I would like to appreciate & thankful for choosing Aptech GLobal  for my immigration dreams,   and I am really happy for  prompt  response on my petition  and your able to answer all my doubts during application process.

I had few issues on case offices but Aptech Global Team takes it as high priority and solved it. I Really happy about it & thankful too.

So for I had good experience with you (Ms. Anshu) and company and hoping that this will continue on my petition. I rate you are really genuine consultant.

Nitesh Kumar (Delhi)

Aptech visa reviews

Hi Shruti

My overall feedback for the Aptech Global is good. Thanks for Case Processing Team (Shruti and Neha)....
Great Support and All the best

Nitesh Kumar,
New Delhi

Ankit Sharma (Delhi)

Aptech visa reviews

Hi Ekashi,

Thanks for letting us know about the status. Till now we were satisfied with all the services given by you and would hope the services would continue to be the same in future as well.

Thanks and Regards,
Ankit Sharma

Ravi Kumar Pandey (Delhi)

Aptech visa reviews

Dear Geetesh,

I would like to thank you for the services extended so far. Company Services is upto the satisfactoy level so far. As on date the compnay has standed upto their agreed terms and conditions. Consultation extended by the APTECH is marvelous.

Since my initial conversation with the company, the company has keep the word it has given. During the process of ECA, you have guided me about the Transcript Process which has helped me to get it from my University. As my Case Officer I am thankful for your guidance and support.

I expect my aim to Canada will definately be fulfilled under the great guidance of APTECH GLOBAL and with your support.

Ankit Sikka. (Delhi)

Aptech visa reviews

Hello Neetu and Ekashi,

Recently,It have been immense pleasure to work with Ekashi (how she has guided me in and out ) through phase by phase in understanding the whole process of canada immigration.

Till now i am totally satisfy with job doing as i am being updated on performance , documentation , requirement all aspects indulge in the process..

Ekashi has been a tremendous associate in her job work as she was engaged in every new updates , documentation , buildng points , adverse knowledge of the ECA and other steps that we need make understand from her...She is the CHAMP.


Jitender Purohit (Delhi)

Aptech visa reviews

Hi Neha & Shilpa,

I have applied for the Canadian Express Entry program through Aptech Visas. My Case officer is Ms. Neha and she has an excellent knowledge about the whole immigration process.

The services and guidance provided have been very helpful and professional till now and I expect it to be in positive way going forward also with the same amount of efforts which have been put in by them till now.


Priyanka Sharma (Delhi)

Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aanchal & Ekashi,

It is a great experience with aptech global. From the very beginning every thing was crystal clear and the whole journey is going so smooth .

It's been approximately 6 months of our association and I am so happy that soon I will be sending my file for PR to Canada. I would like to thank Yogesh, Geetesh and special thanks to Ekashi for her patience while dealing with my unlimited query calls.

I have given your referral to couple of people who are looking for services in your domain and shall support your services.

Mukesh Tiwary New Delhi (Delhi)

Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aanchal and Neha, 

I am really feeling lucky to join Aptech Global Immigration from very first. This is just because of the staff of Aptech met me. Mrs. Anchal mam had so politely brief the complete details with every answer of my question.

Every staff/case officer of Aptech has guided me and provided a proper service without any confusion. thankful to every one who had helped me at every stage. I have received my ECA report.


Nabani Ghosh New Delhi (Delhi)

Aptech visa reviews

Hi Ekashi & Neetu,

I am happy with the services so far provided to me for the immigration purpose. Thanks so much for the support & help.

Every staff/case officer (Ms. Neetu/ Ms. Ekashi) of Aptech has guided me and provided a proper service without any confusion.Looking forward to a good result soon.


Avinash Thakur NCR (Delhi)

Aptech visa reviews

Hi Nima / Ekashi,

It has been great working with you in the express entry processing for Canada. The journey has been very comfortable processing the different stages of ECA.

The information provided to gather the necessary documents for ECA was very clear, you had a great patience to answer all my questions multiple times. All your help and support is greatly appreciated. 


Ravi Shekhar (Delhi)

Aptech visa reviews

Hi Shilpa and Neha, 

I would like to provide some feedback on the services I am getting from Aptech regarding immigration process. I got satisfactory services & very helpful and clear instructions for documentation.

In addition, about ECA report as well it was a very satisfactory result. till now it was wonderful experience in getting solution and answers of my queries. You listen my queries with patience and provide me the solution.

moreover till now is very satisfactory experience with you all. hope you would help me in getting PR ASAP.


Rajeev Redhu (Delhi)

Aptech visa reviews

Hi Neha Damanjit,

I am Happy to share my Experience with Aptech, Your Comapny services was good and have faith that it will be good till last milestone, Documentation assistance was very smoothly and glad to get my ECA report,

My Case Officer Good and have good knowledge of process. Apart from this also have prompt response approach.


Amisha Mittal (Delhi)

Aptech visa reviews

Hi Ekashi,

I am really happy with your service as my case officer. She has always been there to solve my queries and recently I got my ECA report positive within a span of 2 weeks.

Till now I haven't faced any problem and she came up with alternative ways and suggestions. I hope to receive the same support and help from her in future.


Harpreet Singh Delhi (Delhi)
Advisory Consultant - Ibm
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Monika &  Aptech Team,

Thanks for excellent support so far ! Aptech Services are really good whether it's related to documentation, ECA Report and answering queries.

Case officer is available most of time to answer queries and works proactively, recommended for immigration services.

Saurabh Srivastava.. (Delhi)
Assistant Manager - Barclays Group Shared Centre Pvt Ltd
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Ekashi / Rashmi,

Hope you had a nice weekend. Here is a brief thank you note for your help. I sincerely thank you for all your help and support in these past few months. I am happy to receive my ontario nomination letter within 4 days after filling Express Entry,

It's only because of your continued efforts and motivation I have reached this stage which otherwise was a tiresome and time taking process.I can't remember a single instance when you were unavailable to answer my queries or declined to take up my request.


Badal (Delhi)

Aptech visa reviews

Hello Neetu and Neha,

First of all many thanks to you and Neetu in making me understand the Canadian visa process . Till now it has been a great experience with APTECH. All the processes are well documented and crystal clear.

Team is approachable almost 24X7 to clarify my doubts .Team is very open and friendly and has always provided me with their best suggestions. Due to Aptech only I was able to understand the global opportunity i can have to boost my career.

I am in the half ways of my journey and hope that Aptech will not stop till they make me reach my goals. Thanks for all the effort, you guys have put to make me start my journey and Thanks in advance to be there in my future endeavour.


Sini Kuriakose Delhi (Delhi)
Research Fellowship - Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
Aptech visa reviews

Hello Aman & Aptech,

We would like to share my experience with Aptech Global Services you guys have been provided till now have been good and really appreciate the interest and hard work you have put in our case.

The assistance provided by you during ECA processing, Express entry filing is really appreciable.I was really happy when you guys informed me that within two days I got Ontario Nomination.

I was really grateful for the interest and priority given to my application.

Priyabrata New Delhi (Delhi)

Aptech visa reviews

Hi Neha,

Before registering with Aptech I was a little sceptic, because I wanted to go with a reputed consultant like WWICS of Y-Axia. However, based on my experience till date with Aptech,

I happy to say that I had taken a good decision by joining Aptech. I am quite satisfied with the professional approach of Aptech and its staffs. Due to their proper guidance I got a positive ECA report within two months of registration.

I am also very much satisfied with the way my case officer Ms Neha is handling my case. I have really got personalised attention from Neha.


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