Aptech visa reviews

Aptech Visa Reviews

Saurabh Singh (New Delhi)
Graphic Designer - Chetna Impressions Sat, Nov 21 2020
Aptech visa reviews

 Few years back, my friend referred Aptech Global while I was planning to immigrate to Canada as a health care technician. At first, I decided to apply for Saskatchewan PNP. But, slowly I realized that things were not going as smooth as they should be. So, I took a bold step and got in touch with Aptech Global. I must say that the entire process took a lot of time and was a little tedious, but after sparing a lot of time, I finally received Canada PR and now I am settled in the province of Saskatchewan. The entire team of Aptech Global took a long time, however, in the end, the entire wait and the spent money was worth it, as I got my Canada PR! 

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