Aptech visa reviews

Aptech Visa Reviews

Randhir Rai (Hyderabad)
Software Developer - Mtech Solutions Tue, Mar 05 2021
Aptech visa reviews

Got OINP job offer,
I had applied for OINP, Aptechvisa has been quite supportive and elaborative towards the whole OINP applying process. They helped me in getting my OINP application approved. Throughout my journey along with Aptechvisa, the team was helpful and kind with all the support and modesty. I am looking forward to the further process to OINP Canada immigration with positivity. A hearty thanks to Aptechvisa and my Case Manager.

Veera Puppala (Hyderabad)
Senior Technical Lead - Whisk Software Private Limited Fri, Oct 16 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Hi, One of my aspiration is to get the resident visa for New Zealand, and for that I have approached Aptechvisa . Manpreet is taking care of my application and she has explained me about the process, I got my positive IQA report in 20 days only.Thank you for your complete support in initial process, and I would expect the same response in coming time period also so that I can achieve my set up goal.
Veera Puppala

Kishan Singh Bhadauria (Hyderabad)
Delivery Manager - Nissan Motor Corporation Tue, Dec 08 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Hello Aptechvisa & Team,
The ECA process was very smooth for me with the help of the agency, since i am away from my home location so it would have been a nightmare both in terms of cost and effort to get it done.
but you guys helped me alot in this pandemics as well when the universities were also closed. Without the help of Aptech visa I could not be able to complete this first step.
Thanks and appreciate the work done by you guys. 
Kishan Singh Bhadauria

Ankush Bhotika (Hyderabad)
Business Operations Specialist - Amazon Thu, Sep 24 2020
Aptech visa reviews

 Hi Monika mam,

I had many questions on the Canada PR process and find few answers on your website. I decided to call the helpline and ask about the process. I have received answers for all of my questions and the executive has responded to all of my queries with details.
I have started the process just before the COVID pandemic and worried about that if we are able to complete due to this; However, the process do not have any impact and able to complete with help of Monika
Thank you for your throughout support.
Ankush Bhotika

Pulkit Aneja (Hyderabad)
Data Scientist -1 - Amazon Tue, Aug 04 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Hello Team,

It’s a very good experience that I have with Aptech Team. You all are working commendably well. Thank you for faster processing of my PR visa. Canada is my dream and it is finally coming true! I got NOI from Ontario.

My experience with you guys is amazing, the services have been very timely, they always on their feet to reply to me and answer my queries regarding my case, as I had very critical queries because along the time when I started my case with Aptech there was a change in my circumstances I got married, that also Aptech team handle with a lot of grace.

Kudos to the team Aptech Global Immigration Service Pvt Ltd.
Pulkit Aneja


Bandna sharma (Hyderabad)
Business Operations Specialist - Hard Sell Pvt Ltd Wed, Jul 22 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Best Job Assistance Services for Canada 

It’s quite difficult to put the feelings of great excitement into words. Well, Canada Immigration was a dream for me, unless I contacted Aptech Global. However, it is the best company that provided me with the exceptional job assistance with the help of which I became successful in finding my dream job in maple country without any hitch. I would highly recommend Aptech Global to the aspirants who’re looking for a job in Canada from India. 

Pulkit Aneja. (Hyderabad)
Data Scientist - Amazon India Thu, Apr 30 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Hello all, 

Thank you for the ECA process completion. I got all the help necessary to cross all hurdles that came in the way.

You guys very professional. Clearly holding expertise in field and always there to providing assistance in complex matters day in day out.

I am very eager about the whole process. ECA process is just a start so looking forward for your support in future to complete the entire process.

Pulkit Aneja

Anil kishore (Hyderabad)
Associate Manager - Accenture
Aptech visa reviews

Hi All,

So far I am happy with the service provided by the assigned team. I do not have any concerns at all. They were very professional and helped me in clarifying all the queries I had so far.

I wish this would continue going forward as well.
Thanks, Anil kishore

Srikanth Chaparala (Hyderabad)
Technical Architect - Imimobile Pvt. Ltd.
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptechvisa,

Your support for ECA process is very much appreciated, you responded politely and timely for all the queries during this process.

I expect the same from you till the end of the process. Keep up the good work.

Srikanth Chaparala

Sharat Boggula (Hyderabad)
Business Analyst - Vitreosheath
Aptech visa reviews

Hi Aptech Global,

Hope you are doing great! I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by you. I'm  pretty much happy with Aptech services, in fact I believe opting Aptech for immigration is my first success to land in Canada.

I'm being provided timely and helpful advice regarding the ECA and other requirements for express entry. She let me know all the important information. I am a busy Business Analyst and I was unable to focus on the ECA for Express entry.

Swetha was extremely attentive and she listened to all my concerns with a great deal of patience. I would especially like to commend Shweta for her professionalism and superlative skills. I hope I will end up with the positive response on getting PRA with your support.

Sharat Boggula

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