Aptech visa reviews

Aptech Visa Reviews

Puneet Arora (New Delhi)
Senior Software Developer - Sas Tue, Jan 18 2021
Aptech visa reviews

I would like to thank Aptechvisa wholeheartedly as today I got approval of my PR application through Canadian Experience Class. It is a moment of pleasure that today after waiting for a long (due to COVID), I went through the process and got the PR visa. My sincere thanks to Aptech and its team for working in my application truthfully. 
Puneet Arora

Anmol Jain (New Delhi)
Civil Engineer - Web Info Pvt Ltd. Tue, Dec 08 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Thanks to Aptech Global for helping me to get Australia PR approval from DIBP. I was not even aware of the set of rules and process requirements to apply for Australia PR. My case officer helped me thoroughly in the process at every stage, and I never felt alone or stuck during the process.
I would highly recommend Aptech Visa for those who are planning to immigrate to Australia. On the whole, it was a pleasant and transparent journey for me to migrate to Australia as a Civil Engineer.

Saurabh Gupta (New Delhi)
Pipeline Td - Double Negative Creative Service Limited Tue, Jan 02 2021
Aptech visa reviews

I am really happy to get final approval of my Canada PR process. Aptech has really helped us a lot, they have a lot of knowledge about all the processes and everything. Whenever we faced any doubt, we just reached out our case officer, we were so amazed having experience with them. 
My journey with Aptech was really nice, I did a lot of research on finding a good consultant and I saw all good things about Aptech , you guys were really helpful, Thanks a bunch
Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh Singh (New Delhi)
Graphic Designer - Chetna Impressions Sat, Nov 21 2020
Aptech visa reviews

Few years back, my friend referred Aptech Global while I was planning to immigrate to Canada as a health care technician. At first, I decided to apply for Saskatchewan PNP. But, slowly I realized that things were not going as smooth as they should be. So, I took a bold step and got in touch with Aptech Global. I must say that the entire process took a lot of time and was a little tedious, but after sparing a lot of time, I finally received Canada PR and now I am settled in the province of Saskatchewan. The entire team of Aptech Global took a long time, however, in the end, the entire wait and the spent money was worth it, as I got my Canada PR! 

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