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How To Apply For Australia PR From United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Australia offers multiple visa categories to become permanent resident from United Arab Emirates. Visa Categories like Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa, Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 visa and a number of other visa program. The Eligibility for permanent residency Visa of Australia for UAE aspirants will be determined by the point based system. The points are achieved from number of factors, namely, Age, Skills, Work experience, Educational Qualifications and Other related factors.

To apply for Australia PR visa From UAE, you must meet some of basic requirements and key process. Now, Let’s Discuss more regarding key eligibility requirements and benefits of obtaining Australia PR visa from UAE.

What Are Important Benefits Of Permanent Residency Visa Of Australia?

There are multiple privileges and rights that you can acquire while having a Australia PR visa if you are applying from United Arab Emirates. These outstanding benefits are pointed out from the following points:

  • You will get the ability to live and work in Australia as long as you want to.
  • You can apply for Australian citizenship once you hold Australia PR visa from UAE.
  • As an Australia permanent resident, you get all the rights like any Australian citizen. This includes free health and subsidized legal services as well
  • Once you fulfill the residence criteria and providing assurance of support, you are eligible to sponsor your relatives to enter to Australia and live over there.
  • You can apply for Australian Consular assistance overseas through help of Australia PR visa.
  • If you have children born in Australia, then they will be considered as Australian Citizens.
  • You will get the ability to visit, work, discover and even study in New Zealand. Though, you need to get an approval from New Zealand Government.

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Basic Requirements For Australia Permanent Residency Visa From UAE

If you are an aspirant living in UAE and eagerly waiting to apply for Australia permanent residency visa, then you need to go through basic key requirements which mentioned in the following:

  • Arrange Required Documents
    To start with, you are needed to ensure that you must arrange all the necessary documents for Australia PR visa from UAE. The educational documents, travel documents and other key documents are compulsory as well. You are required to provide an English language proficiency test results done by IELTS. Alongside, you also, need to provide skill assessment report by any relevant assessing authority.
  • Pick The Right PR Visa Category
    If is greatly important that you must choose the correct Australia PR visa category. The Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa is the most two common PR visa category. There are other Visa categories to apply such as State Nominated Subclass 190 visa. However, there are multiple visa categories to apply for Australia permanent residency. You must choose the most appropriate PR visa for Australia from UAE.
  • Select Occupation From Australia Skilled Occupational List
    Once you choose suitable visa category, you need to select the right occupation from the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills Lists MLTSSL or SOL. For the applicants of non-sponsored visa that is subclass 189 visa, the occupation can be selected from the MLTSSL provided by Australia. Though, the applicants of state nominated visa, that is subclass 190 visa, are required to pick an occupation from the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) that belongs to a particular state in Australia.
  • Apply in the Australia Point based system
    Once you get done above steps, you need to apply in the point based system. To apply, you must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). You can submit EOI online in the Skills Select System of Australia. You are also required to provide details like the age, work experience, language proficiency and others. According to your profile, the Australia immigration authorities will give your scores, which will decide your eligibility for the PR visa. It is necessary to score a minimum 65 immigration points in the Australia PR system. Through, the higher your points, the higher chances you will get to apply for Australia PR visa from UAE.
  • Complete Character and Health Requirements
    To apply for Australia PR visa, you must be in good health and of good character. So, you need to give you proof in the form of character certificate and medical report.

How Aptech Global Helps You To Obtain Australia PR Visa From UAE?

Although the PR policies become quite complex to follow, it is necessary to for proper channels to avoid delays and visa rejection in your Australia PR application. Thus, you are best advised to hire a best consultancy firm to avoid delays in the application process. You can enhance the chances for a quick and hassle free PR process. So, it is recommended to take a professional advice which helps you out to carry out PR process.

Aptech Global Immigration Services has been in the immigration industry for over 9 years. The firm offers you the best assistance regarding overall process of Australia PR from UAE and helpful to process visa application effectively. We thorough understand each and every client requirements for gaining PR Visa for Australia. To get more information, feel free to fill the online assessment form and contact with us.


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