Alberta PNP - Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (AINP)

If you have made your mind to settle in Alberta, then you have made an excellent choice. Each year, people from all over the globe come to Alberta to work, establish or conduct business and study. If you are a skilled worker and want to work & live in Alberta, apply for Alberta PNP.

Alberta has numerous streams you can take towards moving to Alberta; choose the right and best suited Alberta PNP stream because every stream has its specific needs.

Make Alberta your permanent home? Whether you're already here or want to Immigrate from another country, we'll help you find the right Alberta PNP program.

The Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (AINP) selects applicants who demonstrate the skill and the urge to immigrate and settle themselves and their families in the Canadian province of Alberta.

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Alberta PNP benefits

  1. There is no war for CRS, you can apply for Alberta PNP at 300 CRS score
  2. You can be eligible for Alberta PNP nomination on 6 bands of IELTS.
  3. There is no job offer letter required to apply for Alberta PNP
  4. Competitive processing time 2-3 months

Why Alberta

  1. Alberta is one of Canada’s most prosperous provinces and is recognized worldwide for its high standard of living.
  2. Alberta is the fastest-growing province in the country, with its population surpassing the four million mark for the first time.
  3. Alberta is one of the most preferred and diverse provinces of Canada.
  4. Alberta is also known for its natural beauty, healthy environment, cultural diversity, lively communities, and strong economy.
Please find below Alberta's main PNP stream.
  • Alberta opportunity stream:
    Alberta opportunity stream is designed for those already working in Alberta based on work permits and have an LMIA approved job offer letter from Alberta employers in the eligible stream.

  • Alberta Express Entry stream:
    This Alberta Express Entry stream is for those skilled foreign workers who have successfully filed Express Entry and want to settle down in Alberta; this is the most popular Alberta PNP.

  • Alberta Entrepreneur stream:
    If you have an innovative idea and want to start or purchase a business in Alberta, you can apply your PR under the Alberta entrepreneur stream.

Alberta PNP Requirements

The Alberta Express Entry PNP Program offers the fastest way to become a permanent resident in Alberta. Do you have the right skills to fill a Labour market -demand in Alberta, or your occupation is in high demand in Alberta, then Alberta may be the best way to grant a PR visa.

Please note Candidates who demonstrate strong ties to Alberta, such as a job offer letter from an Alberta employer or Family ties in Alberta, will get priority, but it is not a mandatory criterion.

To be eligible under Alberta PNP express entry stream, you must meet the Alberta PNP selection area below.

Determine Eligibility:

A desiring candidate has to meet the minimum eligibility criteria required by Alberta express entry stream; the requirements are as below:

  1. It would be best to have an active Express Entry profile in the federal Express Entry pool.
  2. You must have a minimum of three years of work experience in an occupation that supports Alberta’s economic development and diversification.
  3. You must have a minimum of 300 or above CRS score.
  4. Applicant must have a minimum of six bands in each IELTS score.
  5. Intend to work & live in Alberta.

Factors that will increase your Alberta PNP chances:

If you have one or more of the following adaptability factors, this may increase your possibility of receiving a Notification of Interest letter:

If the Relative is living in Alberta.

  1. Having post-secondary education from Alberta.
  2. Alberta job offer and prior work experience.
  3. Interaction with Alberta labor market.
  4. Your Alberta Settlement plan.

Factors that may decrease your Alberta PNP chances:

  1. If your Express Entry profile will expire within five months or less.
  2. If your occupation is listed under the ineligible occupation list.
  3. If your profession falls under Alberta's high & low paid occupation list.

Please note:- Getting a Notification of interest letter does not guarantee that you will get nomination approval from Alberta. You also need to provide documentary evidence to validate your claims & credentials within two weeks of receiving the letter; if you failed to do so, your NOI would be withdrawn, and please note Alberta does not issue NOI to the same candidate for the next three months.

Alberta PNP Draw

The Province Alberta regularly reviews the Express Entry Pool's profiles. And issue notification of interest to only those profiles in extreme shortage in Alberta and their profile is active in the Express Entry pool. This process is known as the Alberta PNP draw.

Please note, Alberta has a limit to issue nomination certificates in the year, so apply your Alberta PNP before the cap reaches the limit.

In 2021, Alberta conducted multiple draws and issued 6094 Alberta nominations out of 6250 Cap.

Alberta PNP Draw Table
S.N Date of Draw Number of Notification of Interest (NOI) issued lowest CRS score
10 November 24, 2021 100 350
9 November 09, 2021 200 343
8 October 26, 2021 248 300
7 October 12, 2021 293 300
6 September 30, 2021 275 300
5 September 21, 2021 450 300
4 September 14, 2021 385 300
3 September 07, 2021 500 300
2 August 30, 2021 400 301
1 August 23, 2021 450 300

Please note if you are invited under the Alberta PNP Draw, and your occupation falls under the NOC list, you will experience a delay because of the large volume & Covid -19. So please have patience and wait for your Turn.

  • 6311 – Food service supervisors
  • 6211 – Retail sales supervisors
  • 7511 – Transport truck drivers
  • 6322 – Cooks
  • 1241 – Administrative assistants
  • 4214 – Early childhood educators and assistants
  • 1221 – Administrative officers
  • 0621 – Retail and wholesale trade managers
  • 0631 – Restaurant and food service managers
  • 1311 – Accounting technicians and bookkeepers

Alberta PNP Points Calculator

Alberta PNP is a points-based nomination program. To apply to Alberta PNP, you need to meet federal points score 67/100.

These points are based on your age, qualification, skilled work experience, language proficiency ( IELTS, French), adaptability, and arranged employment.

Age 12 Points
Education 25 points
Work Experience 15 points
Language proficiency 28 points
Adaptability 10 points
Arranged Employment 10 points
Please find Alberta PNP points overview

You can use the Alberta PNP points calculator to calculate your exact Alberta PNP points; please find the Alberta PNP points calculator link below.

Alberta PNP Points Calculator

Please note getting 67/100 Alberta PNP points is not enough to get NOI in the Alberta PNP draw. It would be best if you also had a CRS score of 300/ 1200.

Please check whether you are scoring CRS 300 to get the Alberta PNP nomination; please click here to calculate your CRS score.

CRS Calculator

Alberta PNP Occupation list

Alberta is known for its incredible beauty, and the people of Alberta are known for their passion, independence, hard work, and love of nature. Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations

Alberta’s new immigration stream opens the door for a skilled foreign worker; Alberta accepts all occupations under NOC code O, A, B, C, D. except High wages & low wages occupation. and professions fall under the Ineligible occupation list

Alberta PNP eligible occupation list:

There are occupations highly demanded in Alberta. If you have experienced one of the following NOC codes, you have a golden opportunity to get NOI from Alberta PNP. Please also make sure you also have a minimum of three years in the given NOC codes and 300 above the CRS score.

Alberta PNP eligible Management occupations
Management occupations
1 0213 Computer and information systems managers
2 0432 Fire chiefs and senior firefighting officers
3 0821 Managers in agriculture
Natural and applied sciences related occupations
4 2147 Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
5 2161 Mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries
6 2171 Information systems analysts and consultants
7 2172 Database analysts and data administrators
8 2173 Software engineers and designers
9 2174 Computer programmer and interactive media developers
10 2175 Web designers and developers
11 2271 Air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructors
12 2281 Computer network technicians
13 2283 Information systems testing technicians
Health occupations
14 3111 Specialist physicians
15 3112 General practitioners and family physicians
Occupations in education, law and social, community and government services
16 4011 University professors and lecturers
17 4312 Firefighters
18 4411 Home child care providers
19 4412 Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations
Occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport
20 5131 Producers, directors, choreographers and related occupations
21 5241 Graphic designers and illustrators
22 5227 Support occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting, photography and the performing arts
Trade, transport and equipment operators and related occupations
23 7371 Crane operators (only All-Terrain Crane Operators)
Natural resources, agriculture and related production occupations
24 8252 Agricultural service contractors, farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
25 8431 General farm workers
26 8432 Nursery and greenhouse workers
27 8611 Harvesting labourers
Occupations in manufacturing and utilities
28 9462 Industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparers and related workers

How to apply – Alberta Express Entry PNP Nomination

To apply for Alberta PNP, you need to follow steps carefully.

  • Check your eligibility towards Alberta:
    Before applying for your Alberta PNP, you must check if you meet Alberta PNP eligibility criteria in terms of Alberta PNP points, is your occupation in demand in Alberta? Express entry profile etc. Once you are sure, then start to prepare your documents.

  • Gather documents:
    Ensure you have all the required supporting documents before submitting your application to Alberta PNP; please note that the documents required may differ. It depends on the applicants' circumstances. Would you please check the documents required as per the Alberta PNP documents checklist?
    If you submit an incomplete application to Alberta, your application will be returned or declined without processing, and the Alberta PNP fee will not be refundable.
    Once you are ready with complete documents & forms, now you can submit your application continue your PNP nomination application.

  • Create Express Entry Profile:
    Once you prepare all your documents now, you need to create your Express Entry profile and make sure your profile must be active. You have selected an interest in immigrating permanently to Alberta.
    Suppose you work in an occupation with a high Alberta labor market shortage and support Alberta's economic development and diversification. You will get a Notification of Interest letter from Alberta to apply for Alberta PNP nomination.

  • Apply Alberta PNP Nomination:
    You have two weeks to inform Alberta PNP regarding your NOI letter; Alberta will send instructions to submit your Alberta PNP application. If you fail to submit your application, the NOI letter will be withdrawn by Alberta. You also need to pay the Alberta PNP fee of CAD 500.

  • Alberta PNP nomination outcome:
    After submitting your Alberta PNP application, the Alberta office will assess your application in two steps.

  • The Alberta assessment officer will review whether you submitted a quality & complete set of documents to process Alberta PNP and meet the eligibility criteria? This process is known as a quality check.
  • Verification & background check of your credentials.

If your application has been approved, the final decision will be notified to you by the Alberta immigration official in writing. You must accept the nomination within 30 days after it is issued & process your PR with ICCRC. Alberta Express Entry Stream nominees cannot extend their nomination.

Suppose Alberta discovers any ground to believe you have submitted fake documents to make yourself eligible. In that case, this will be considered misrepresentation, and you will be banned from re-apply for your Alberta PNP program for the next five years.

Need the Alberta PNP latest immigration update contact or immigration panel for detailed & accurate guidelines or call now

Alberta PNP cost / fee

Alberta's PNP fee depends upon the stream you select and the date of application. Application submitted before October 1, 2020, there are no charges for Applying to Alberta PNP. You can pay the Alberta PNP fee by credit card only; if you are applying in Canada, then you can pay the Alberta PNP fee by debit card, credit card, and online also.

Please note The AINP application fee is non-refundable.

Please find Alberta PNP fee category wise
S.N Alberta PNP stream Fee in CAD
1 Alberta PNP express entry stream. $ 500
2 Alberta Opportunity Stream. $ 500
3 International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream. $ 3500
4 Self-Employed Farmer Stream. $ 500
5 Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa Stream $ 3500

Alberta PNP Processing time

The processing time of Alberta PNP depends on a few factors like labor market information, the volume of applications received, and the date of receiving the application. Once a candidate becomes eligible and is approved by the Alberta authorities, they will get a nomination certificate. The whole process may take 4-6 months and vary from profile to profile.

Important Note: Rules and regulations of Alberta PNP may change without any prior notice; also Alberta government may ask for any document at any level. So, apply for Alberta PNP through Aptech Global for an easy and faster.

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