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Alberta Released its Nomination Certificate Limits

Wed, Oct 14 2020

Alberta Released its Nomination Certificate Limits

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada have set the nomination limits for the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, stating the number of nominations the province of Alberta can issue every year. Previously, IRCC provided 6,250 nomination certificates to the province of Alberta for the year 2020. However, as per Alberta’s economic recovery plan, it has been decided that Alberta will not issue more than 4,000 nomination certificates as far as 2020 is concerned.

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Well, the revised number of nomination certificates got reduced by more than one-third. As far as this year is concerned, a total of 3,768 nomination certificates have been issued so far. In the Alberta Express Entry Pool, the applications are divided into two streams such as 1,700 applications in the Alberta Opportunity Stream and 92 Expression of Interest (EOI) applications.

The above information is just an update; however, the AINP has not come up with any status updates. So, if you want to apply under the AINP program, you can check your eligibility for the same by filling the free online assessment form

The Latest Alberta PNP Draw had a CRS Cut-off as low as 303

Wed, Jul 8 2020

The Latest Alberta PNP Draw had a CRS Cut-off as low as 303

On June 17, 2020, Alberta has released the details issuing 187 ITA’s to the candidates who may be eligible through the Alberta Express Entry Stream. Under this Alberta PNP draw, the CRS Cut-off was set at 303, that too for a second time in May. The AINP (Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program) issued 187 applications to the applicants, who were eligible under the provincial nomination under the province of Alberta.

If you’ve applied under this program, then you need to have a CRS score of 303 or more than that. The selected candidates need to have a profile under the Federal Express Entry System.

You all know that Express Entry System, is the fastest and the easiest route to get Canada PR. There are 3 federal streams under the Canada Express Entry such as, Federal Skilled Worker’s Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and the Canadian Experience Class.

Under this, the candidate’s profile is ranked on the basis of CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). The CRS takes into account several factors such as the human capital factors (age, work experience, levels of education, language proficiency etc), Spouse or common-law factors, skill transferability factors or some additional factors. It’s a total 1200 point-based system. The candidates with the highest scores get an ITA (Invitation to Apply), to apply for the Canadian PR.

Keeping the essential coronavirus updates in mind, the AINP requires the candidates to meet the following requirements such as:

  • You should be currently working in Alberta, even if you’re working from home.
  • You should have a work permit, that allows you to work in your current job.
  • You must have a full-time job, that too paid. Under this you must be able to meet the provincial minimum age.
  • You must work in an eligible occupation, listed in the NOC of Alberta. 

Well, if you’re thinking of immigrating to Canada, you need to fill the free assessment form at first, that checks your eligibility for the same. When you hire Aptech Global, all you’ll get are is the best advices and hassle-free services, that can help you fulfil your dream of Canada PR.

Latest Alberta PNP Draw Invites Candidates With 300 CRS Score On 13th May 2020

Thu, May 28 2020

Latest Alberta PNP Draw Invites Candidates With 300 CRS Score On 13th May 2020

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) has recently conducted its latest round of Invitations on 13th May 2020 with issuing around 191 Notification Of Interest (NOI) to apply for provincial nomination for permanent residence. Under this PNP draw, skilled candidates were invited with at least 300 CRS Score which sees 22 points drops down from the last draw.

The AINP regularly reviews available candidates from the federal Express Entry pool. On the basis of profile information, the AINP draws will be held and select candidates from the pool to submit complete application to the AINP. To apply, candidates must have an active profile under Express Entry and those who score has higher score were invited to apply for Alberta permanent residence. If the applicant has met any of one following criteria, they will be given higher priority for PNP:

  • A Job offer or work experience in Alberta province.
  • A Degree from Canadian recognized institution.
  • Any siblings, child or parent residing in Alberta province.


Those candidates who receive Notification of Interest (NOI) have chance to apply for provincial nomination. If AINP approves your application, you will be automatically awarded with 600 bonus points which guarantee you to receive Invitation to apply (ITA) for Canada permanent residence.

For further information regarding Alberta PNP or other PNP draw, get in touch with Aptech Global. If you fill the online assessment form, one of PNP specialists will soon contact and reach you.

Alberta PNP Invites Express Entry Candidates with 322 CRS Score on April 29, 2020

Thu, May 14 2020

Alberta PNP Invites Express Entry Candidates with 322 CRS Score on April 29, 2020

The newest Alberta PNP draw took place on 29th April 2020 under which 200 Notifications of Interest (NOI) were issued to apply for Alberta provincial nomination. Under this AINP Invitation, skilled candidates who had a minimum 322 CRS (Comprehensive Ranking system) scores or above were invited to apply. The CRS score in this draws is increased by 31 points from the last AINP draw which held on 14th April, 2020.


Applicants must have an active profile under Express Entry system and those who will be qualified, they will be given CRS scores that depends on Core Human Factors such as education, age, work experience, language proficiency and adaptability factors to Alberta labor market. Applicants with higher CRS score will be given more priority to apply for permanent residence through Express Entry.

The following table shows the outcomes of the new AINP draw:

Date Of Draw

Number of Notification of Interest (NOI) Letters Sent

CRS score Of Lowest Ranked Applicants Who received a NOI Letter




 The common factors that considered in Alberta PNP application processing includes completeness of your application, number of applications received by Alberta PNP, labor market information and the date when AINP received candidate application. Additionally, Alberta PNP allots higher priority who meets any one of following criteria:

  • A job offer or a work experience in Alberta Province.
  • A Degree from a Canadian recognized institution.
  • Any Sibling, child or Parent already resides in Alberta province.

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Alberta PNP Released Two Latest Round of Invitations in April 2020

Wed, Apr 22 2020

Alberta PNP Released Two Latest Round of Invitations in April 2020

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) has come out with its latest round of invitations for the month of April. As of Now, there were two draws conducted for this month. On April 1, 2020, skilled applicants are invited with at least 381 CRS score and the total NOI (Notifications of Interest) issued was 120. While, On April 14, 2020, the number of NOI was 200 and it invites applicants with a minimum 353 CRS score.


In these draws, the minimum CRS score is higher from the last draw which was 300. Applicants with higher scoring CRS score will give more priority to become permanent residence of Alberta province. Alongside, applicants must have an active profile under Express Entry and those who are eligible will be given CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score. These scores were allotted on the basis of Core human Factors (Including age, education, language proficiency, and work experience), Skills Transferability and additional factors.

The following table shows outcome of April, 2020 Draw as of Now:

Date Of Draw

Number of NOI (Notification of Interest) Letters Sent

CRS Score of Lowest Ranked Candidate who received a NOI Letter







Alberta PNP regularly reviews available applicants within the federal express Entry pool. With these draw, AINP has issued 1207 NOIs in 2020. The Applicants who receive successful nomination from AINP will be awarded with additional 600 points which will beneficial for gaining permanent residence visa.

For Further Information regarding AINP or other provincial nominee program, stay tune with Aptech Global. Once you fill the online PNP assessment form, you will soon receive a call back from one of our PNP experts.