Skilled Independent visa 189 Subclass

Australia has been encouraging skilled workers from around the globe to come, Work & Settle in Australia. Australia's growing economy continues creating more jobs, additionally, Australia has ongoing shortages of skills in specific areas.

So, if you have skills that will contribute to Australia's economic growth. This is the perfect time to apply for an Australian PR visa under subclass 189.

Are you looking to upskill or start a new career where you have plenty of opportunities? Australia is the Right place for you. Australia is a nation of open doors and open minds. Australia prides itself on our warm and welcoming culture.

Benefits of Australia PR visa subclass 189

  1. Live, work and settle in anywhere Australia.
  2. Children's Free Education
  3. Free Health & Medicare benefits
  4. Become a citizen of Australia
  5. Sponsor your loved ones
  6. Travel to and from Australia any time you like.
  7. No Funds/ show money requirements

Australia visa subclass 189 requirements

When you consider migrating to Australia, there are eligibility requirements to apply for Australia PR. If you want to ensure that it is the right move for you, & for your family. you must meet the following Australian PR requirements.

  • 1) Occupation in demand:
  • Check if your skills are in demand in Australia or not, and whether your skills will fit best as Australian occupation in demand list. Australia has 3 following Occupation list.

    1. Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL):
    2. It contains 212 occupations. These profiles are eligible to Apply for Australia visa subclass 189 & 190.

    3. Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL):
    4. It includes 215 occupations; those are eligible to Apply for Australia visa subclass 190 & 491.

    5. Regional Occupation List (ROL):
    6. It has 77 occupations that are eligible to apply for Subclass 491.

  • 2) Calculate your Australia PR points:
  • Australia PR visa subclass 189 is a points-based visa. To become eligible to apply for Australia PR visa 189 you must score 65 points.

    To know how many points, you are scoring use the Australia PR Points Calculator

  • 3) English Language Proficiency:
  • To Apply for an Australia PR visa subclass 189, you must have at least competent English skills.

    Understand English language Requirements for Australia

  • 4) Have a suitable skills assessment:
  • You must get a positive skill assessment through the relevant Australian Skill assessing authority.

  • 5) Age:
  • You must not be aged over 45 years or at the time of getting the ITA (Invitation) from the Department of Home Affairs Australia.

  • 6) Health & Character requirements:
  • You and your family members must meet health requirements before applying for an Australian PR visa subclass 189. Australia has their own panel of physicians to conduct health examinations and make sure visa applicants meet the health requirement.

    You & family members aged 16 years & above must provide a police clearance certificate to satisfy that you are meeting character requirements.

Australia 189 visa process

Before you can apply, you will need to send us an expression of interest (EOI), that details your work experience and qualifications.

  • 1) Submit Expression of Interest:
  • Applying for an Australia PR visa under subclass 189. You must submit an expression of interest called EOI through skill select. EOI is not a visa application it is the first step to applying for an Australia PR visa. There is no fee for applying for Australia EOI.

  • 2) Receive ITA:
  • Once you will submit your EOI, you will be given points based on your age, education, and work experience. Language proficiency and partner skills. You must have 65 points to become eligible to Apply for Australia PR visa subclass 189.

    Department of Home Affairs Australia Periodically invites applicants based on ANZSCO code demand in Australia, not on the ranking basis, for example in the recent Invitation round Nurses were invited with 65 points whereas accountants got an ITA of 85 points.

    Please find Australia invitation round

  • 3) Submit your application:
  • Once you get an invitation you will have 60 calendar days to apply for the Australia PR visa subclass 189. This period can't extend. Now you need to pay for your Australia PR Visa application fee and need to provide all supporting docs.

  • 4) Get Australia PR visa subclass 189:
  • Post submission of your Documents and application fee, the Department of Home Affairs Australia will verify your information and documents, it may take 15 -90 days. If you are assessed positively you will be issued an Australia visa subclass 189 grant letter with entry instructions.

    If you are assessed negatively your visa application will be refused and decision will be conveyed to the applicant

Australia PR cost

The Australia PR cost or Fee changes from time to time. Please make sure that you have a credit card limit to make payment of your Australian PR fee & funds available to cover the surcharge.

Please calculate the Australia PR fee exactly as per your circumstances

Australia PR Visa in AUD & Indian currency table below

Applicants Australia PR Fee In AUD Australia PR Fee in INR
Primary applicant AUD 4,240 Rs. 2,43,845/-
Spouse applicant AUD 2,120 Rs. 1,21,922/-
Per child AUD 1060 Rs. 60,961/-

Australia PR Processing time

Department of Home Affairs Australia is committed to processing Australia PR visa applications within 3 months from the date of issuing the ITA.

It is expected most (75%) applications processed within 90 – 120 days. Calculate your Australia PR processing Time by using the Australia PR processing time calculator

Australia PR processing time also depend upon the following factors:

  1. Quality of Documents
  2. Number of applications in the queue
  3. Response on ADR

Documents Requirements for Australia PR visa:

You will need to provide supporting documents to validate the claims in your Australia EOI. As we all know documents play a crucial role in your Australia visa decision. Please below the Australia PR visa documents checklist is standard, documents requirements may vary from case to case.

If documents are not in the proper format or you supplied incomplete documents with your application, you may get a refusal of your Australia pr visa decision. So please ensure your documents must be

  1. English
  2. Color copy
  3. The scans copies must be clear & visible.

Please find the documents checklist for Australian PR visa below

  • 1) Personal Documents:
  • You need to provide some of the following s Personal documents included

    1. Your passport bio pages,
    2. DOB certificate,
    3. Photograph,
    4. marriage certificate (if married)

  • 2) Qualification Documents:
  • You need to provide your highest qualification documents you must include Marksheet, & degree certificates

  • 3) Employment documents:
  • Employment documents cover your offer letter, promotion letter, salary slip, and experience letter & reference letter

  • 4) Financial Documents:
  • You must include bank statements with your Australia pr application documents kit,

  • 5) English language proficiency report:
  • To prove your English language proficiency, you must include the English exams (IELTS / PTE) TRF report with your application documents checklist.

  • 6) Character documents:
  • You need to provide a police clearance certificate if you have spent a total of 12 months or more in any country in the last 10 years since you turned 16.

  • 7) Health examination docs:
  • You must undergo a medical examination with an Australian panel physician to proof of your good health.

  • 8) Skill assessment report:
  • You must have your positive skill assessment from your relevant skill assessment authority.

Prepare the Above documents with the utmost care, a minute mistake may lead to unfavourable of your Australian PR visa application. Therefore, you must carefully prepare & submit all the required support to avoid any delay in your Australia PR processing.

Hence, consulting a trusted and reputed visa and immigration consultancy will make your work much easier. The experts will wholeheartedly take your documentation burden on their shoulders and will process your application in the most effective way possible. For more information regarding the customised documents checklist for Australia PR visa application call us on 7503832132 or you can write us at Info@aptechvisa.com.

How Aptech Visa can help you to get Australian PR visa

If you wish to apply for an Australia PR visa, you can submit your application yourself or if you feel a bit unsure of the process and you required the right guidance & proper paperwork. Aptech visa is the best Australian immigration consultant who already helped thousands of aspirants to successfully settle in Australia.

We will make sure

  1. Experienced attorneys and case experts will be there every step of the way.
  2. Your application can move forward quickly.
  3. Tell you how much it costs you before you get started so No Surprises.
  4. 1000+ success stories
  5. Affordable services
  6. Registered Immigration consultant with the Ministry of India

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